An archetypal whisper in the numerical wind

My soul is screaming
burning in the flames
of a fire of eyes
sifted through a net
thrown from a vaulted dome
and sleeping almost peacefully
but numbing extremities
just for a bit
until the morning washes liquid
magma superconductor alien hissing
drones slicing insectoid-

Exoskeletal reflective
and closing off but
driven by a fuse
inching toward ignition.

Swallowing atomic bombs
of possibilities
from the sun
of the bottom of the heart.

Melting into leaked streets of death-
the dangerous apathetic erosion
of attachments rooting prosperity
fruiting emotions falling down and fermenting
on warm concrete and dribbles of piss
picked up by the pants.

Looking away from the swarm
of walking mirrors
made out of some kind of plastic
as not to amplify
the already volcanic
eruption of balance
flowing up from the


2 thoughts on “An archetypal whisper in the numerical wind

  1. lowerarchy

    Bravo – let’s fly together one day…
    Reminded me of this from Humphrey Osmond – Aldous Huxley’s doctor and the man who gave him Mescalin
    To soar aloft
    Or fall angelic
    Take a pinch
    Of psychedelic
    Humphrey Osmond’s reply to Aldous Huxley’s verse:
    To make this trivial world sublime,
    Take half a gram of phanerothyme


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