The fall
upon us
brings the haunt
of lurching spirits
severed at the stalk
escaping and precipitating
out of our goosebumps.

Wave farewell to the summers frequency
excitement is dwindling
as the fungus rises.

Out of nowhere the hearing
in my left ear gives out
and rings a high octave C note
which fades out slowly
into the spinning electric hissing
of tinnitus.

Somewhere above this layer of grey mist
they crossed a cobra with a pumpkin vine
flaring out from the sun and reaching.

Before I returned from the delineated depths
I was staring at the aurora borealis
deflecting above some city flowing through me.

Then I wondered if it would all come together
underneath the harvest moon waxing
right before it did.


9 thoughts on “Harvest

  1. roughseasinthemed

    wow! Did that ever resonate.

    You can’t write about tinnitus without having it. Or knowing how it fluctuates with the moon.

    One I’ve thought about writing too, but not got round to, doubt it will match yours. That was great. Seriously.

  2. kneemailgod

    Oh My Poor Cana Lilly-
    once so beautiful,
    so ugly now,
    fitting in nicely with spider webs and fake bats.
    Cutting you down to please Uncle is going to kill me
    but he can’t see the children anymore.
    Where do you fit in Lilly?
    ‘Cause most of the time you are a pain in my ass,
    though I love you so much in my heart

  3. kneemailgod

    yes but saying goodbye is bitter sweet….leaving me for a spell, and I won’t have to worry because she always comes back,
    but still I fear the frozen ground will rot and shiver her to death.
    human, I,
    so greedy-
    never want to see her go, not even to help her own self


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