The experiment

With every thought
and every shiver,
growing what looks like
Metabolizing biosynthesized matter
at a frequency adjusted
for the star walkers spectrum.

Usnea sways in warm tea
like some kind of seaweed.

Without these stories
coiled into a dance
there would just be
these timeless all encompassing

Nothing is ever empty
or far
and no one is ever

Will these seeds sprout along the window sill
next season?
Will this tether supersede,
or will it disconnect?

Sometimes the last straw stowaway escape hatches,
while the rest,
a perpetual love making
that knows no limit
set by the chain reaction.

I almost didn’t make the train
but I fought my way
thru a test tube
of infertility
to write this.

4 thoughts on “The experiment

  1. tocksin

    battened down the hatch during the storm,
    so tight has your prose assumed a cabal strength
    each stanza stands alone wanting to be decoded
    like a mushroom from another galaxy implanting dreams


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