The bulldozer

He approached me like a bulldozer.
I remembered the Entheon.
Like infertile possibilities swimming backward,
giving up and taking out

everything in its path.
A harmony seeks to mend
but falls short in little pockets
of broken souls

who tangled the light
into a bruised knot
of a slow suicide

Take me away
to a river
where nothing but birds
sing me to sleep.


One thought on “The bulldozer

  1. undergroundatypical

    I keep re-reading this. That inner part “A harmony… bomb” made me smile really big, gosh what a great description (for humans). Well it’s all really beautiful, and, heh, apt… I hate saying that though because it like, emanates disquiet. Unless I misunderstood it. At least when the bulldozer comes thru and wrecks everything you can build new stuff from the rubble. I hope it’s interesting.
    If not, I always imagine having an understanding with spiders so you could try catching one and asking it for some of my energy. I have a lot to spare, it’s kinda restless in nature but mostly neutral. Don’t know if energy can be shared that way but spiders are everywhere (i.e., previous poem) so it would be convenient.
    Or maybe the fact that I want to give you energy will have a cool placebo effect! I dunno. Help each other be bees and the world goes round and round.

    Eh, poems are such cute little compact information packets, then the giant verbose comment and strings shimmering thru thoughtspace unzip! –Abundance


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