The carcinogenic neurotoxin

I drank a toxic smile
to smear my eyes
a little further
down the canvas.

I laughed myself
inside out.

I imbibed a poison
just to feel like
one of you.

It is not love,
it is not hate.

It’s something in-between.

Who put this in the well?

I feel your heart beat
across town
in the night.

So here’s a toast-
for the further we stray
from the source
the higher the chance
of corruption.


3 thoughts on “The carcinogenic neurotoxin

  1. undergroundatypical

    sometimes these words seem to be
    like a little buddha tree
    which i’ll climb a drink at a time
    with sunfrogs and spatula-anemones
    to see the melting eyes in plastic!
    post poem – write more, it’s missed (BUT not if you don’t want to, but puh-LEE-yaas (<– emphatic "please"))


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