The appointment

I wondered what she was on
chatting away
and mouth fucking me
with the purple gloves.
It reminded me of how much I had been smoking,
checking for red bumps
and white spots      
but nothing.
I thought of the hot toddys
that brought us together again
last night
as my pants bulged
so I quickly thought of something else,
something fluid,
something dreamy
like the transition of morning.
Maybe you just are that way-
hyper narrative nurse
leaving no trace behind
with the little water gun.
Maybe it’s adderall.


7 thoughts on “The appointment

  1. thoughtslikecages

    That is evident. Wow. No man apart from the great poet’s of old that I can envision has ever inspired me thus. I’m enamoured by you now male or female, doesn’t matter. Your words are gender less and border less.


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