cerulean dragonfly and all
the gold sparks in the sky
lay on the ground
tracking floaters in your eyes

oleander reverie and an
antidote of synergy
cancels out the fire
assembling the entity

clove to cauterize the gash
and a smidge of good hash
every other hour
’til there’s nothing left but ash

kava kava in the cup
with lecithin, cinnamon, and syrup
wish I could say more
but the tongue divides us up

jacinthe and indigo
es la forma en que las noches flow
a triptych to the milk spilled
cross the new moon’s absent glow

underneath a canopy
of something living beneath me
blinking by the day
drops a leaf off the old oak tree

gripulous but somehow gravid
marches deoxyribonucleic acid
fold and depart
while the data’s extracted

gabbling the laughing gablocks
awake ‘for dawn because the cocks
the skybox winks a cancer
am I the one who knocks?

laudanum for larrup
and larvicide in tupp
Laika must’ve drooled
when nothing was close-up

egencies of edapha
sent barking coming at ya
hopefull bones of drought
breathing music thru a straw

rhizophagous parasite
white walls and ceiling beam tight
and when he came a ritual
hit the map on the burial site


17 thoughts on “

      1. undergroundatypical

        Dang… I read it like 4 times and I still don’t get it. It’s beautiful though… if I had to guess there’s a lot of earth stuff and gravity/reproduction/perspectives so maybe something about nature but that seems weak. Heck idk lol. Maybe it’s about sex. Or stars or outer space.

      2. undergroundatypical

        Hehe yeah you’re right… ah I wish I could figure it out. Well I’ll think on it 😉

      3. undergroundatypical

        So this may or may not be related, but I had this really elaborate dream about finding the hidden meaning in poems by lining up the letters and finding which ones made solid blocks… and in the dream it led to the discovery of a very small (2-building) Portuguese settlement literally in the back yard of the English-American colonies… plus there were these strange little cherry creatures in pink petal-cocoons in the sky… this could be totally tangential lol but they apparently started a flood that turned into the Mississippi river O_O

        The poem could plausibly be over my head… but if I get it I’ll let you know 😉

      4. undergroundatypical

        Could you give me one more hint and tell me what I said that was close??? Or would that give it away?

      5. undergroundatypical

        Okay if I just stick with the title, then the “cancer” is less like fate and circle-of-life stuff and more maybe the constellation, and again, “milk spilled,” I was thinking reproduction but it could also be the milky way, and Laika’s the dog they sent into outer space, but then I thought “barking” had to do with that but it could also be canis minor. I had to look up “egencies of edapha” but I’m taking it to mean something to the effect of the poor ground dwellers, perhaps because we live a rather spiritless existence these days and stargazing has become something people don’t have time for?
        Then I looked up the ending and found this book (http://books.google.com/books?id=7gde2t9ta4QC&pg=PA280&lpg=PA280&dq=burial+site+constellations&source=bl&ots=O0ZvSPrvlI&sig=5hr8s547REZ55jCA5d8ucN8y_P0&hl=en&sa=X&ei=wxYLVKrBD87lsASCvICQBw&ved=0CD0Q6AEwBw#v=onepage&q=burial%20site%20constellations&f=false)
        So Canis minor is the dog that found Icarus’ body under the tree, and Icarus is the herdsman
        And then there’s all this distance stuff, drooling, “breathing music thru a straw”
        So if the ending ties it together, then either it’s termites or human parasites and that’s definitely a tomb and “when he came a ritual/hit the map on the burial site” still sounds like death is determined at the moment you’re conceived but Icarus’ burial site was a tree so maybe there is another layer there that I’m not getting. I’m also really not well-versed in plants/herbs/mind-altering substances (though I’ve been meaning to learn more about that stuff)


        Maybe the poem is about sex. Maybe all poetry is about sex. The last paragraph is definitely about sex… and death. I think.
        Or maybe it’s something like with the last chakra that’s sorta over the top of people’s heads like constellations… you could say stars are “blinking by day” and when the constellations aren’t in season they could be “living beneath [you]”

        Anyway I have to do my homework but my guesses for a message would be either “history repeats itself” or “life and death are inherently connected” or something Moby like “we are all made of stars” (which I got from the second paragraph) but given your other poetry it’s prob more zen and less cheezy, so maybe “Stargazing puts the universe, the simple physical cycle of our ground-dwelling lives, in perspective,” or that “In your spiritual journey you accept death because it’s literally written up there.”

        Lol idk Zack I give up 😥 if any of this got close and you feel like writing a poem for me :D, I’d ask you to write about negative space in your life and how it shapes you as a person… I think you could do a lot with that. I always thought you used negative space like a visual artist so it’ll probably be cool 😉

      6. pseudonymous Post author

        Holy cow! You found the hidden message AND a hell of a lot more! Bravo! I was not expecting such a in-depth deduction. I learned a lot from reading your response. Thanks for this. Your poem will be brewing.

        Love what you said about empty space, spot on! This will be fun to meditate on.

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