Peek-a-boo, whee

Hollow tooth trojans clean
scimitars a wake
something as feline as a twigsnapping
at 4:59 am
and the subsequent
that mark my words
with a score
to counter the clocks
and methylate the moons
that parade around our
prismatic little petri dish
as if to say
We fucked this one up,
let’s see what happens anyway
etched on the not exactly smart
dust corrupted by light
years of mistakes
sending signals back to
no one
who wrote
the readme
placed right there
in the ore of hearts
defined by the shapes
of a survival that precedes
all known functions

3 thoughts on “Peek-a-boo, whee

  1. ktz2

    Z:: I really like your poetry, although I must say it’s ‘over my head’ . I probably shouldn’t say that as it makes me seem dense and maybe dumb–but I dig the feel & tone

    1. ktz2

      I know what you mean by just writing to see what comes out. I’m not doing poetry but when writing a story – fiction or fiction plus ‘fictionalized real events’– I am often enough surprized with what appears on he page. . . as in ‘where did THAT come from?’. A mystery–almost like someone else wrote it is the best I can describe that.


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