Empty spaces

the stars
kiss my eyes
they kiss my eyes

you may
come to find
iggs no surprise
the distance lies

in the mind

broken down
to one
a cubic meter
it’s still there

close the gate
and reach out
with your gloves
into the dark

what is empty
is free
for the possibilities
of our infinite

to reply

. . .
. .

For undergroundatypical for figuring out the hidden message in ☆


10 thoughts on “Empty spaces

  1. undergroundatypical

    Did you make another puzzle?? 😀

    Also, random, but how do I get back to your other blog? I don’t think I bookmarked it, but haven’t checked it in a while.

      1. undergroundatypical

        Am i like schizophrenic or something? There wasn’t another blog with a book and an eye and cool drawings like the one up there… I keep calling you Zack but idk if that’s your name… srry

      2. pseudonymous Post author

        You’re not schizophrenic. I am just sarcastic and tend to bury the past where it belongs. It was another time, another pseudonym. An old artifact of a manic episode.

  2. undergroundatypical

    This came out awesome. I really like how you actually used negative space in the poem on so many different levels (literally to figuratively to completely metaphorical and on levels I don’t have names for)

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      I am pleased you find it worthy. Empty space… what a thing. What a thing I loved without even fully realizing what it was. Thanks for pointing this out and for your spiral of inspiration.


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