Macrotus californicus

the night rings a jitter
up above the intramusculars
defect into the mouths
it smells of jasmine
burning like the glow
of a meteorite or a spliff
twitching amethyst reflections
bounce off the hypodermic
drones / I’ve been seduced
by the source that seeps
through the glitch
I’ve been to the temple
of the undivided instance
to partake in the xenium
I am no longer who I was
as the train passes again
how you found me
from the language left
dangling from a web
roosting on silver birch
how could I know


8 thoughts on “Macrotus californicus

  1. undergroundatypical

    Your poetry is awesome because every time I read it I’m like, right there with you, totally “getting” it but have no other way to describe it lol
    “I’ve been seduced/ by the source that seeps/ through the glitch”
    ^Cognitive psych anyone??? 😀

    <—may not be a reliable narrator tho

    1. undergroundatypical

      Ack I can’t edit the post. That arrow was supposed to go up towards my username (wasn’t talking about you)


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