our very existence
is the message
that was left behind

we’ve been scouring
the stars for a signal
already in transmission


8 thoughts on “Panspermia

  1. tocksin

    Commutable: that commutes, your thoughts make me think about Einstein and such things as time and light and the speed that separates the two, or is it distance and light that are marked by time? I like thinking about things I know nothing about. But I trust your thoughts are weighted with some forgotten knowledge commuting between light and distance.

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      I am not the one who coined the term! It is the name of a sect of scientific research that aims to further undestand where life originated. Whether or not it is true I find it endlessly fascinating to meditate on— that all life as we know it that can be traced back to a single source (LUCA) was a sophisticated seed sent out to inoculate the cosmos or perhaps more specifically earth itself.

      The ones who do this are either still watching or long since dead

      but I think the watching was
      programmed into us.

  2. 0hmz

    If you guys ever read or even remotely have been in conversations with those who encountered, I will always ask this question, “did they ever probed the reproduction system”. There lies the would be the great answer why we were always have been watched ever since.


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