The affinity

Did you hear
what Sakyamuni said?

what did he say?

He said, the greatest gift
that he could give—

Then the television flicked on

George Bush
stood there
on the aircraft carrier
under a banner:

Mission accomplished

9 thoughts on “The affinity

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Sakyamuni Buddha believed, and is quoted saying: the greatest gift he could give to mankind is self-actualization / or what the Taoists call resting in Tao / where one could say one’s mission is accomplished

  1. Dr. Suess-Zues Zen

    All things intersect at some point, giving rise to humor… At least that’s what popped in my brain when I read this. Nice

  2. VGO Zelganger

    Sadly for the majority of people on this planet, G.W. Bush had accomplished the mission that he was tasked with by corrupt world leaders and the benefactors of world financial markets that trade on their fellow man and human suffering for profit.


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