The disintegrated

We walked
until our leather faces
hardened into granite—

We do not resuscitate—
this is it—
we made up stories
for sustenance,
we are the living
sparkplugs in the sandstone

We made plans
but they were useless;
roving what’s left beneath the surface
plundering ourselves opaque—
we wasted our lives

I saw right through you
took off your gloves

We could no longer take it,
we made it all up,
we acted like it wasn’t happening—
there was only one thing
that could be done—
an interactive horrorshow
unravelling before our eyes
with no end; a soup of souls;
a hijacked foundation of petri dishes
cascading over old burial grounds

Customized isomers fitted sublingually
for exogenous metabolization
infects us— there is no other way—
millions of billions of moons
that die when you close your eyes—
we drove away—
we dropped out—

We were going home,
drown the leeches in gasoline—

We all had the keys to blow our heads clean off
but no one dared,
you could never look back—
we couldn’t say no—
no one listened, no one could fathom—
we were the few and far-between,
we were coming back,
we sang before we got here,
we lived for only one day

We weren’t learning
we were remembering—
we never gave up,
never believed— we were waiting
for the right time
but it never came—
we were afraid of doing anything; we disintegrated

Your legs boiled over with black holes
growing hair—
we knew we would never find each other in this wasteland—  I fell in love
with a plant—
we were on a hunger strike
but no one could hear,
no one cared—

We drank straight from the source,
worshipped the light of death in the mountains—
we made eye contact,
thought we knew each other—
we were not in control–
we were being watched
by a microscopic scaffold—
we fermented in the dark
dank dwellings we called our homes—

We sucked each others tails off—
we knew all along—
biosynthetic circulation proves them wrong— you actually believed them—
it couldn’t be heard on the outskirts—

We fucked on the ashes of us to come
like it was a joke—
we were realer than real—
we glowed in the dark—
we spoke their language
but they couldn’t understand—

We were sick; caught in a circuit—
we didn’t know there was a way out—
we woke up dead—
they thought they could outlaw the reset button
already inside of us—

44 thoughts on “The disintegrated

  1. jensenempire2551

    Nicely written, i really like the line “a soup of souls”, i would also like to thank you for stopping by to have a read!



    If your aim was to let me in on hopelessness…despair…utter meaninglessness of our existence…you succeeded. Profound words you write –so reminds me of Mother Earth and all we are doing to her—of technology and what it is doing to our human Spirit. Sometimes I feel ALL of what you write—I try ever so hard to believe—I keep hoping on LIFE.

  3. wandrnrose7

    I love your turn of phrases like soup of souls and fucked on the ashes of us to come. I feel the angst of survival..

  4. Valeria Castellanos

    A beautifully written poem yet I am cast down while I would be uplifted. Much ado about a world which dies and falls with groans and moans and cries. I say, close your eyes. Close your eyes. And, open them anew, to new worlds coming true.

  5. Gia

    You lost me….but the emotions were clear: DARK. Feels very human (unfortunately so). My perception…creating reality.
    Like your blog’s title!

  6. Dr. Suess-Zues Zen

    Really amazing stuff pseudo, sorry I didn’t get to you sooner. Dead on descriptions of the subject matter,
    Par excellence.


  7. Carneika W

    “We made plans
    but they were useless;
    roving what’s left beneath the surface
    plundering ourselves opaque—
    we wasted our lives”

    I love this section. I keep reading it over and over..

    Thanks for stopping by in my blog 🙂

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