Medicine chess

Like a fog
in front of me
I know to reach
my hands in
to write this—

like the way
they trespassed
out of nowhere one day—
hands on black pistols
holstered on leather belts—

it was identical to
the khakiclothed
sunglassed dream
two days prior

with the clipboard
blue spyphone camera
and triggerhappy
taser practice
on the bored oak tree
adrenaline comedown—

it was when
I was disarmed—
hands in pockets—
pushed up
against the fence—
residue on
the black knife  He
put his hands on me

no more running—

the jig is up
a cup of coffee
in my hands—
threat venom
poker face

no more lies—

I’d been waiting
in the shadows
of truth and stigma
seven years for this—

bedroom eyes

everyone was sweating
under the April hot sun
of the mustached flatlands—

How many you got here?

the central valley in a drought;
post-apocalyptic vampire infested
methamphetamine free for all—

little man looking up
standing inches away—
hadn’t showered in a while—

what’s in the barn,
you can’t go in there—

what’s in the barn, no—
you can’t go in there—

47 thoughts on “Medicine chess

  1. siliconebones

    threat venom
    poker face
    comes to a head
    in the pierce of
    an arrow

    my nose is runny and
    my feet smell;
    I was made
    upside down

  2. mandibelle16

    Really great. Exciting and descriptive.
    ‘What’s in the barn, no, you can’t go in there.’ My favorite lines repeated twice at the very end. So, impactful and placing emphasis on how dangerous what is in there is. Great writing.

  3. J.C.S.

    totally love this, your style moves me. As i am reading it i feel like i dont understand what you are talking about, but somewhere in my mind I completely understand. I just dig it.

    1. Donna J Snyder

      I know that sense of, what is this poem telling me?! Yet somehow details seem familiar. Very similar feeling to deja vu. Eden though your writing is quite personally unique.

      Thank you.

  4. billremski

    Person, I been in your poem. I have done 19+ years in drug prison for NOTHING! Do you even know what drug prison is? They shut off your mind with risperidone. I remembered and found my headhunter axe this afternoon. This is why I pirated the poem you liked. You take care buddy, I have done a lot of meth, but it was always as an adjutant to LSD, heaven. Fuck the establishment, and stay free.


  5. billremski

    As an aside. I fixed my S&W black evil lockback knife a couple weeks ago. I think it was all sticky from plastic decomposition, but a lot of lighter fluid fixed it well. Goddamn that thing is sharp, with teeth. It’s a little thing too, easily concealed and legal everywhere. I read your poem again brother, and it triggered this recent memory. Jeez there is a lot of traffic outside my house now. Be very polite and kind and shit to cops, and they won’t fuck with you. They like to be called “sir” cause they think they are knights or something, so if you humour them, they let you off. I have stories, but yer prolly not interested. Take care.

  6. Tulika B.

    Thanks for liking my stuff on Anchorless Apparition. Your poems look fascinating and innovative – though a bit demanding! Will surely be checking them! 🙂

  7. gspottedpen

    Very surreal and posed capture of metaphors as a string of pearls into a psychedelic lyric. Anand Bose from Kerala.


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