The weevil

I move
with the grace
of death

no half measures
too late
for mistakes

one piece
at a time
all at once

it’s in the system

the narrow passages
of what so obviously is

what could be

tiptoe thru
the traps

blending in
but never melding
with a hat on

knowing no
other way
head on
not quiet
not provoked

knowing it
will work
never knowing
in what way

10 thoughts on “The weevil

  1. Dr. Suesszues-Zen

    Awesome as usual (no pressure).. If it’s a variety of rare southern boll weevil I’ll be a little freaked out 😉

  2. transcribingmemory

    I liked this a lot because I love most poems that takes some dissecting! I loved the line about death moving gracefully. I also like how you add to the poem with the title. Not many poets know how to do that. I wonder if it’s any importance that the last four letters are “Evil.” Thank you for sharing.

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Thank you very much! I’m not going to say yes or no, but I like to keep it multidimensional so that people can dissect if they so choose. . and so that they can wonder. But alas— there are no coincidences.

  3. Paul J. Stam

    Great line,

    “knowing it
    will work
    never knowing
    in what way”
    Yes, everything works out. It is in not knowing what way that frightens us.


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