Then the nurse asked me
Did you have a good weekend?
But it was Friday

I need mouth water
yeah whatever Panda Bear
I found a sweet road

I sometimes wonder
who is this Errin Spelling—
could be anyone

it was Thanatos
boat guy in Arizona
hidden in a cave

still not as bad as
bags of battery acid
shot up and dropped dead

they say it started
as Siberian women
drinking reindeer piss

check pockets for bluffs
for some reason I’m running
dreams of

an amanita
grows from your dead rituals
spores latch to haiku

yeah I remember
we smoked changa spliffs under
the butterfly tree

hours spent on mudras
a glistening artifact
of liquid moment

we talked like magnets
or like light bouncing around
something behind us


27 thoughts on “Yes

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      I’m glad my weird game of wordsoup can inspire someone… this particular piece was inspired by the poet Errin Spelling…who does killer haiku…and all the other characters I’ve conversed with/been influenced by along the road…their voices distorted by the creation of memory in a homage

  1. mandibelle16

    Lovely poem. Great how you provide meaning through words that usually don’t make sense together. I’m sad though for the person in a nursing home who cannot make his/her memories make sense to them self. They only have snatches of one memory and for a short while then it melds with another memory. Merry Christmas

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      I like where your thoughts went with this one… completely different direction than mine… the sheer amount of empathy you exude puts me to shame in all my bewildered detachment

  2. Brooke Lauren

    Many people can read this and see different things; it is one of those poems that is more a mirror for the reader’s thoughts than a simple writing exhibit. Loved it, great job!

  3. nanancay

    Dude there’s so much imagery here, I’m travelling with every word. I really didn’t understand this the first time, but I linked up the words in my head and I think you have a way with them BUT you probably know that 😀 Your flow is bouncy.

    This is the first thing of yours I’ve read, but i’m going down to read more. I’m gonna drown in your poetry sea.

      1. nanancay

        If you only get one notification, it’s because i’ve only liked something once so far (by tomorrow afternoon you’ll get 100 notifications from me)

        BUT I’m going to bed now, and i’m gonna wake up to your poems in the morning. Thanks for giving me dawn poems.

        That’s only if I don’t drown before I hit like, by the way 🌄

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