Orange peels for fucks sake

                      it’s raining
aromatic hydrocarbons
the things we                          keep inside
                        I don’t know,
                          get the gloves . .

                       waiting for the signal
                          like a slackjawed scarecrow
   the open window
         made of
                    white walls like
                                everything before them

                          coma pony

                          you got mud on your face
    you smell acetic
                          you twitch when
the lighter
hits the floor

                          you were supposed to get up
                          but you sat there
       in the hourglass
            not even for pineapple bacon sausage

                          you were convinced
              Jian could see them stepping
                  outside of the circle above you
                to fall backwards
                   thru the sparklies
                          like divers among tribesfolk
              empty vial tongues

                            but mostly just taking
                   the music for a walk
                      sweet sensory deprivation closet

                                             feed the fly



23 thoughts on “Orange peels for fucks sake

  1. John

    I liked it all except for “pineapple bacon sausage.” For some reason that phrase tore me out of the moment. It reminded me of this far flung fast food chain that offered bacon-flavored smoothies for a while.

  2. mandibelle16

    Wonderful words and descriptions. You can feel them as you say them, Love the structure of the poem and how the words and where the words are typed affect the meaning of the poem.

  3. Sally-Shakti Willow

    I love reading your poetry and I’m very inspired by what you do. Thanks for sharing. I hope this connection will grow.

    I enjoy your experimental free-verse, your placing of words and phrases, their relationships to one another and the spaces they inhabit and enliven. This, and the premise that consciousness creates reality are elements that I am also exploring in my own writing and it’s very inspiring to see how those things manifest in somebody else’s words and vision.

  4. Jim Valero

    Sally-Shaktimsaid it all. I just wish to add I like the way you make compounds, without hyphens. They add a special texture and flavor to your poems. Good work.

  5. marypamela

    Have to admit that I’m not big on poetry, but I can feel the emotion on every line, as well as the imagery it left behind. The title caught my attention. 🙂

  6. Megha Patel

    You are an amazing writer. Like, I have followed every word till the end knowing that it’s mind-bending and that it just satisfy this need of activity. Of something to keep this mind going and just for the heck of it. The first to make my mind a slave without the question popping – what the heck is he/she thinking? And by the way catchy title that really made me laugh out loud.


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