The stats

        Everyone still wants to read
                The tesseraction
like it’s my magnum opus
   if I died right now                                   
       and never posted again
to be forgotten like
    what you ate for lunch
         last week but not

         like it’s a star of a poem
  the rest will orbit                    into a nice death
         my head exploding          for example
                                                       looking down
                                                       on the mess
                           for a moment

so what’s this
old space junk
burning in the atmosphere
in the daylight

why even bother
   everything but that one line

                      wouldn’t it be funny
               if I was just a revolving door
left to right                                         blue to red
a flaggelating wormhole    a torch of lifedeath
                  a couple gloves and a suit
                        or a vacation

                           We should use it as a base
mathematical trajectory
                         shiver sucking
               purple booch
                                like a buttonclicker

14 thoughts on “The stats

  1. Justine

    I love the formatting of the second stanza! You can read them seperate, or together, and I feel like the spacing gives you the perfect pause between each phrase. You must work hard to be able to put out great poems so often. Good job 🙂

  2. progbeawr831

    Like a long lost scent from you childhood, it makes you pause in your tracks and wonder how time really works and how do I go back in it and read this to get the reaction I first got. Epic.

  3. Valhjim

    Food for thought. We do not often think of our transience. The poet is but a voice in the flow of words from the Fall. Great formatting — it adds on to the overall significance of the poem, contributes to rhythm and other possible readings.

    Jim Valero


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