El Chapo

Yeah they got Guzman

        why all of a sudden
              the big deal
                  after all those years
   like it would make a difference
  alive or dead 

                                     it was all a show
        Mexico corrupted—disgraced—
look what they can do
everything is fine
        they actually used the words
                                       mission accomplished

                         he fell off a cliff
                     and broke his leg, nice
                  tanktop dude

              facenumbing piles
                           straight from the sack
                                 rolling up in GMC’s
              with gold plated AK’s

                    entire side of the house
                           lit up couldn’t see
                                  thru the smoke

        mass unmarked
graves in the desert
         all those enslaved

         whose to blame

                                 anhydrous hydra
the evergenerating sharktooth
          of prohibition slithers on
                   unscathed—how many
                                lives will be claimed
before it eats itself
           alive—and since you’re
                    just making room
                                for your families

       may your cartilage
disintegrate with your

18 thoughts on “El Chapo

  1. mistermuse

    First, the Affluenza Kid, and now El Chapo.. If I had anything to say about it, the U.S. wouldn’t take either one of them back. What with the political loony season in full swing, we’ve got more than enough characters to give the media and news junkies their fix for the foreseeable future.

  2. Valhjim

    Media circus, government corruption, “war on drugs,” thousands killed, cosmic farce, sad, cruel reality.

  3. mahmoodsadaat

    mass unmarked
    graves in the desert
    all those enslaved

    whose to blame”
    Mexico/U.S Govts. Great poem 🙂

  4. boozilla

    Very well said as always. The devastation this…person..has wreaked will continue no doubt even once, and if,he’s put in Some Place. I often wonder how it is that they’re so worried about keeping someone like HIM alive for “due process” and don’t seem to care about all the socially disposable hungry children and dead adults he and those like him have caused.

  5. Jim Valero

    Very good poem, truthfull. “Chapo” unveils all the political corruption in Mexico. Yet, we all have our “Chapos.” Our governments are corrupt. Some sell arms, which later turn against us. Some launch wars against drug dealers, disregarding all the innocent people caught in-between, while getting bribes and selling drugs they take from the cartels.

    We have lost Paradise. There is no going back.

    Jim Valero

  6. gspottedpen

    It’s very abstract like viewing a piece of modern art- a Cubist-Imagistic depiction. Anand Bose from Kerala.

  7. firefly1958

    Just amazing strength in the last stanza, with the words you chose that blows it out of the water poetically. I enjoy reading politically mused/charged poetry since I too, speak it as well. You speak it, shape it and it makes it poetry of the moment capturing all that lives, breathes, upon this earth as she spins rounds. You captured a photo of time, freeze framing it infinitely. Long live free speech! grazi`…g.a.meeder


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