Moth house

                                  Blacktailed bucks
                         stop stoic on the lookout
                             sucking on stems
             single file               does move
                                  thru the slow rain
                         drenches the oak hill

What kinda poison was it

                  do they see me
                                 in here
                  with their stibnite eyes
                  smooth                dense
                  but they’re          empty
                                                 a pool of blood

It dissolves the exoskeleton
        and you eat it
                it’s in oranges                  you say as
                                                   you look
                                               out the window
        triple bonded
                 to a carbon 
                        and you fucking smoke it

              mudcovered feet
       the wind moves
                         thru the evergreens
                         with a scalpel
                                  a baby

    some days
just hover
    like a point cloud

some days
    just chew
the fat

                  in the gulch
                                  we set
                   doing nothing
                    like it was the best thing
                               we ever done did

            then like a lava lamp
                      the surge of
                      electric nectar                   tingles
                       the soft melting moon
                        glacier                              illumes

how cliché would it be if it
                                                 into the wick
                        immolation        skydiver
    ash                              on hardwood

25 thoughts on “Moth house

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Thanks! My style may be unique but as for formatting in poetry that is something I can’t claim on trademarking it’s been done by a lot of poets in a lot of ways for a lot of time. If you’ve never read E. E. Cummings for example he was known for being very experimental in that regard.

      1. tentninja

        Im new to the world of poetry. I started writing it two years ago and only recently started reading others works. But no seriously looked at any famous poetry yet. I did as a kid but i didnt give it my attention. I shall be sure to check out your recommendations.

      2. pseudonymous Post author

        The best poetry is the poetry of the mind… the stuff you never remember to write… a byproduct of passion… halfvisions of words forming themselves together…sometimes lyrically…sometimes unworded…unheard…the best poetry is never spoken, it’s hardly noticed, it’s never believed

      3. tentninja

        I refer to what you say as chanelling. I find the most poetic things i say or think are in either deep thought privately, or when in deep conversation with some one I love privately.

  1. tentninja

    Ps “conciousness creates reality” its funny i would stumble on that sentence in your profile. Its something thats been sitting very heavily on my mind since i’ve been researching the double slit experiment 🙂 quantum machanics seems to only prove that very statement to me even more. Have you heard of it?

      1. tentninja

        I have this thing stuck in my head,

        “The wise know themselves to be fools,
        And the fools think themselves wise.”

        It always leaves a smidge of doubt which seemingly humbles me. So as much as I know, I doubt 🙂 for i am still learning.

      2. pseudonymous Post author

        It’s true, but you also can’t not know anything either, even though you’re always [un]learning. I think, in my opinion, knowing you are on the right path is one of the few things one not only can know—but must—

      3. tentninja

        I guess one should make an exception when he strives to be on the right path. If he yearns for it enough and see’s this is parallel with the choices he makes, then he should take solice in that as a fact 🙂 thank you for sharing wisdom with a fool. Its nice of you to take a moment to reply and help clear that up for me. God bless you 🙂

  2. David Wood

    i like this tension between crass conversation, existential musings and “mudcovered” imagery. something very Beat in the flow. reminded me of Ferlinghetti, in a round-a-bout way.. would be an interesting performance piece. Do you ever read for an audience?

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Thanks—only ever done it for friends or for fun on my own—I definitely would though why not… I don’t live anywhere near anything like that though I don’t think.


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