The orange road

Kris had an entire fridge
full that he brought back
    from his school the week before

                                     he lived on the 15th floor
                                              of a building a block
                                             from the tenderloin

we ate some paper projected
milkdrop on the wall what
    was already everywhere anyway

                  Ravi with Zakkir’s liquid drum hands
           and god knows what else we laughed in
      hysterics like kids stoned for the first time

until 2AM came the bars shut down
people began to roam the cold bleak
    San Francisco streets we could see them

      from up there the city lights cackledazzling
           two huge bags next to the grapes
                   just sitting there it seemed right . .

    what else are we going to do with it all
shrug handheld sweet snapcrunchy grenades
thrown dead on the drunks our targets howled

wobbling ducking for cover hollering like ants
   the sheer alarm of our laughter like hyenas in
the sky soon the road was one inch thick with

smashed carrots          redbeanied crackheads twitched by and hopped into the nearest cab
         Ya’ll wanna smoke some ice cream   


19 thoughts on “The orange road

  1. tentninja

    This made me smile and giggle! Also a very interesting way to set the format. With seemingly random spacing? Which may not have been random 🙂 its possible i overlooked a purpose. Interesting none the less! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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