Quantum lipstick

Here it comes
                                                I feel it

look at all the
                                                smiling faces

don’t look back
                                                don’t look—anyway
you did—

what do you see what
                                                 do you see

is it
                      really                is it

how long’s it been how
                                         long has it been given
                                         ten thousand fold

where my tongue
                                         once roamed
a plague

where my tongue
                                         once touched


17 thoughts on “Quantum lipstick

  1. gefleming27

    I keep being drawn to your work…It’s very descriptive…almost like a mixture of literal & figurative…Are these anecdotal?

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      It depends on the poem really…I don’t like to give a lot of background behind my pieces—I prefer it to be left to interpretation—largely inspired by and directly from my life yes—thanks

      1. gefleming27

        Wow. It’s beautiful but sad at times as well. I’m looking forward to reading more. I appreciate your candid response 🙂

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