Isaria fumosorosea

                 it came in
on a chamelaucium 

  how we always thought
                  it was ending
        we knew it must

         how many times have you died
    to wake up                      

        how many times have you
always do

                           cordycep lungs
                             phase change
            between disappearance

            enveloped in a web
            casket of mycelium                         yeah

                           distill the spirits down
                                           and apply
                                        the substance of death

          tickles the inside
            of your nose like wasabi
      when you do it right



16 thoughts on “Isaria fumosorosea

  1. Dr. Suesszues-Zen

    My mind reads such works: as if running along, following the lines… then realization.

    I am far over the cliff; parallel. High, above the ground. Seeing It for the first ,time… N-nothing, Wondering & Amazed. Good days!

  2. egonza2018

    Woah, the part that struck me the greatest is, “how many times have you died to wake up.” Extremely powerful. Great piece; I am glad I stumbled upon your page.

  3. mirandatran

    A reminder that beauty comes in so many forms, but my favorite continues to be the written word.
    Cheers to you- you’ve created something that will transcend a lifetime.


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