Amanita virosa (The messenger)

                      What have we done
          we have                             to go
         so far                                        away
       just to                                          hear it
        to forget                         what we are
              in the forest    it’ll be different
                              this time
                when we            come
              back                             it will
   Amanita                                            light it
      up at last                            or what’s left
                 of it                       I’m not
                       this             I’m not
                        they hack sawed 
            his feet                          off
        left him                               by the side 
  of Arroyo                                    Seco road
     refusing to                           speak we’ll
         never know                 what’s so
                painfully            obvious
                   bringing         panga’s in
       right where I                used to camp
south of Big Sur                  Nacamiento-
ferguson road                                 in Lucia
       2,712 and a                     half pounds
            of Mexibrick        on the way to
                       testing      the waters
                for more               lucrative      
       enterprises                        three days
   from Baja                                        ten men
       windburned                     and tweaking
            who would               rather risk
              coming back—being caught
                   the scene      of the
            landing                        than go
                                                           to them

27 thoughts on “Amanita virosa (The messenger)

  1. Dr. Suesszues-Zen

    i am tryin to find a way. i need something else for a little bit at least. deserve? it’s not about that, i am simply conversing with myself, if you cannot speak to yourself. who can you? you

  2. naomiswan

    Beautiful poem but to be honest it was the only one I could read because I didn’t know in which order to read the words in your other poems.


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