Jay’s spiral

   Some only have one antler left—they stop to
way toward where the sun will set                  a
their                                                I’ll           break
on           couldn’t care                   be          under
farm       I              less          blowing              the
the         it           we’ve              hash     leaveless
thru       gets      made            smoke             oak
moves   one              it                     in    attentive
herd      no                to                that                to
whole   like             the       direction              the
a            seems   sandy                   for   footsteps
furry     it         smooth                      a          from
and       though     core               while             the
nosed   even                                         I       inside
black    spiral another make I’ll think            of
me                                                                     the
watching them watch to stop I where house


34 thoughts on “Jay’s spiral

  1. sserrat

    It took me a few seconds to realize the way to read it, but once I did, very cool. As one person told me I tell you: keep it up, do what you feel like, after all is your blog. By the way, you are included in one of my posts to say thanks for the other day, take a look if you wish.

  2. Kerry S.

    Ok, I’ll own up to the fact that it took me longer than just a few seconds to work that out! It didn’t even register with me that the clue is in the title! I was reading it in columns and all over the place. Many poems in one. Very cool.

  3. Lauren Simon

    People couldn’t get this? I think they’re great! I love the shapes your thoughts make when you allow yourself the luxury to think them in circles.

  4. Cocreator Ten

    I spy. I like. Lots. Thanks for same. You know you stole my name? One of them anyways. Or I didn’t know I stole one of yours. I originally spelled it with a T so maybe no. Not that it matters, It just surprised me to see it on a like. Again, thanks. Cc.

  5. The Bioman

    The core is not what it is suposed to be – it is when you get a cheer from the crowds that you see/hear the final whistle and know the shot’s gone off and the game is over. Well done! for the effort at making them all fit together in a DTP fashion and not all over the place as I tend to find my work does….

  6. gspottedpen

    The streams of consciousness narrative is very lyrical and sublime, a unique objet d’ art of literature. Anand Bose from Kerala

  7. julie42a

    That is very cool! It took me a minute to get my phone in the right direction and figure out which way to read, but I really like it. Is it hard to get the words to stay in place on the computer?

      1. julie42a

        Well no, I suppose it isn’t ☺, but I think you are much more patient then I am. But the pay off is worth it, you have a very unique, and lovely, piece.

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