Talk about
echocryptic heartzyme
is heard
autosending pitchmaps
                           we write
burnhanded lipmelt
it’s the
brainbeaming viralswitch
                              they got
fivespiraled nectarlicks
how’s your
spaghettibark dreambot
                     there’s some
lovebombs on the shelf


9 thoughts on “Yeah

  1. Sophie Eden

    I really enjoyed all the new words you created from existing words. It makes me think of a highly technological future world. I like how every few lines you offset the start of a new thought with two words. It gives it a quick, choppy flow which suits it.

    Have you read “Sea Oak” by George Saunders? This poem reminds me a little bit of that story because it’s a future world where some of the terms have changed, yet it’s recognizable.


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