you’re hygroscopic
non-existent                              amplified

                        you’re thinking
  about trying                           not to fall
                           there you go

                       you’re up there
    sleepin’ in                            the pines

                     you’re mesheyed
meandering                             clicking like
                               a lock

                           you’re me
             I’m you                  there is nothing
                           we can do

                        you’re a hang
               drum                      playing
                           with itself

                       you’re a long
winding stone                  staircase
                         in the dark

                     you’re ten days
          of rain                          to replenish
                           the well

                     you’re above
the fog line                      you’re a sexton
                    and the brine

20 thoughts on “Psithurism

  1. progbeawr831

    I always seem to draw more than likely different conclusions to your words than what you intended them to be but for this one it calls upon arguments I would have with my guitar amp during rehearsals and it just wouldn’t behave and give me gyp. Love your work!

  2. Tahni J. Nikitins

    I fucking love your formatting. How did you get WordPress to cooperate with that formatting? I’m kind of new to this place and have not been able to get it to maintain my formatting.

    Anyway…more importantly than that: this is brilliant. Well done.

  3. Lily

    OK, a little out of my head hence the formatting fucking with my brain deliciously. Like it, need to reread multiple times. Please tell the secret as WP never conforms to my formatting desires.


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