The red balloon haiku

I was up all night
dripping the vial out until
it was depleted

had a plane to catch
so I packed a medical
brownie for the ride

which started kicking
in as we began to climb
thirty thousand feet

everything melting
warm pastel cozy plane ride
start to drift away

but instead I wake’d
upon a small green planet
with a spring blue sky

so small you could run
around it and wind up back
right where you started

all covered in grass
looking up at the floating
red balloon up there

in the clear blue sky
learning not to look away
‘else it starts to fall

so I did for a
while until I didn’t I
got quite distracted

on the grass planet
everything neon dancing

sitting full lotus
in a lucid dream flying
back at the body

remember the plane
and the floating red balloon—
run back to find it

no longer floating
This is your captain speaking
wake’d to the landing

23 thoughts on “The red balloon haiku

  1. mandibelle16

    Haha cute. Love his visions and imagination when he is high, following the red balloon, very neat. Good thing he knows what’s what when the plane lands.

      1. mandibelle16

        Lol. You have a vivid imagination then. Not a bad thing at all to do on the plane. Plane trips feel so long often.

  2. spartacus2030

    Interesting flight! I wonder where the red balloon went. Wanted to thank you for visiting me as well… Gotta love plane flights. When we took off on a DC 10 (way back), it was dark out. The sun rose again when we reached 39,000 feet! It blew me away!

  3. Ren

    This is really great. I never thought of using the haiku form in that way – as ‘steps’ in the unfolding of quite a unique ride… I imagine that it mustn’t be easy to keep the momentum going, but the piece definitely does. I love stanza/haiku number 10 in particular. Really stand out, and has a bit of Wililam Carlos Williams feel, it’s really nice. You should consider submitting to a magazine!

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Thanks man, I got Medicine chess and The appointment going out in one 4/1, but I dont really read much poetry outside wordpress these days so have no idea where to even start with all that. I kinda just want to hire someone to do it for me because of how busy I am. Even that I’m just as clueless about. In time! Thanks again for your comment and support I appreciate it.


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