Melt down
                                                           into a shiny
                                jet black
            pull back
                                                           and plunge
             the halfmoon
     disappears                       dead
                   at the junction
                                                             of déjà vu

                    emerald lily
    who led
the way
                               back home

      who carried
                              a lotus
               made of ash
                                         into the boiling
                      like an aerosol
                                                  or a spider’s web
  made of quicksand

a slight
of the hand
                                this                   never

42 thoughts on “Saponification

      1. pseudonymous Post author

        I think, perhaps, I might know who this Brimley is, and also that I have him mixed up with Quaker Whatshisface… eternal confusion in knowing is one with the Doc

      2. pseudonymous Post author

        He’s as dead as a doornail but lives, on in our respect for the dead; our laughter, or are you silentiptoemouse? it is zen, not holding back, but flowing, getting distracted, pretending, reality

  1. JojoBean

    This, THIS, is what I love about poetry – can look like a load of words vomited together on paper, but still come out sounding right rhythmically. ..and pass through the ether as though the words never happened.

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  3. geoart108

    who carried
    a lotus
    made of ash
    into the boiling
    This is packed so full. For me, the “lotus made of ash” is a way of describing the spiritual beliefs that no longer are true for us but we cling to anyway. The “boiling stillness” for me describes the pressure cooker of self inquiry that can create discord for the ego as it is forced to question it’s own existence and importance. Beautifully written. Thank you.


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