Reporting live
from the front lines
of corporate takeover

they want the market
they founded on
our criminal brick

our solitary confinement bodies

our shot dead
our stolen children’s

we got more in there than anywhere
dollar signs for eyes

time is running out
stack the cards just right

they’ll take half
they’ll take it all
it will never be

no, this isn’t freedom—
this isn’t decriminalization—
not when you need a million
for written permission—

you’ll push us
further underground
where we will thrive
like our seeds

like we always have
and always will

without you

19 thoughts on “Superproprietary

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      I think it’s good to exercise octave range, I like being able to write about different things, in different ways. Sometimes I feel the need to speak up about political bullshit. It’s not something I could ever focus on full time though. Thank you.

  1. progbeawr831

    Ahhhh the stale scent of Walmart permeates the capitalist air with a stabbing forthright from it’s hands as it takes your money with a plastic smile as we wake up to better ourselves elsewhere away from its vile presence. As always, your words evoke so many different images but I always say the first one that comes to mind. Love how you depict so much in such poignantly chosen words. Cheers

  2. boozilla

    Oh, yes indeed. Deep as we are in the cray cray here…..but, hey, it is what it is. And. Like all beauty including words, the ability to see and distill the essence of a “thing” the way you do

  3. dojspeak

    “corporate takeover” I can understand but your thoughts are too deep for me to fathom (or maybe I’m just too shallow, hah). Compliments by the way. 😉


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