Then I heard
  two notes
    like a piano
      one pink
        the other
          light blue
            when I
              pushed off
                the ledge
                    of falling
                    for what
                    felt like
                    in a
                    hands first
                    into the

34 thoughts on “Cliffdiving

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      I dont know, writing is weird for me, I go and go and go without feeling creative then the vision is so immediate and vivid right before me and I forget I’m even me sometimes. So collaboration, as much as I would say I would love to, is more than likely out of the cards due to how it’s just such a personal thing for me. Always has been. I’m a hermit anyway so it doesn’t surprise me I feel this way—not that I amn’t open to suggestions—but to give you some idea of how this all operates. What were you thinking? I am flattered regardless though thank you. It’s so great to have everyones feedback here.

      1. cmrsyk1985

        It’s personal for all of us. I completely understand. It’s therapy for me as well. I’ve just experienced some interesting things happening over the last two years. You and I follow one another’s blogs. You see that I primarily write by myself. I just thought we might be able to create some interesting things together. Diffusion, really…

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  2. mandibelle16

    Lovely form, it is awesome imagery for a poem about cliff diving. I enjoyed the mention of notes of a piano at the beginning, it creates a great picture like these notes waiting to fall, just as the diver is. Very well done.

  3. Phil H

    I have seen music as it emerged from the harp of a piano and told only a few. I didn’t want that straight jacket that comes with admitting to visions of music.

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  5. Tina

    You never fail to captivate and take me along – it’s like I can literally visualize every word in physical form as I read. Wonderful!


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