What’s the difference between a poet and a terrorist

Sir, you’re going to have to come with us

look up down the aisle
    headphones off
notebook closed
    thick men in outfits
with intent faces
    all eyes on me

the poems

I scoot past
    The Bitch
and realize
    I’m being removed
from the plane

you shouldn’t say it
    you should just stop
go to sleep
    forget it ever happened

in the weirdshaped chair
    eating a fuji apple
should we let him do that
    why did you leave this behind
every agency in the proximity
    swarmed like vultures
with ear pieces
    making everyone wait
while they searched
    and found nothing

I was flying to New York
    it was after, you know,
you remember, don’t you

We just need to make sure
    this plane makes it safe

I just wish
    they read
the one
    I threw away

24 thoughts on “What’s the difference between a poet and a terrorist

  1. ethanhoward918

    Great poem. Impressive writing too.

    I can say I have been pulled aside EVERY time for RANDOM searches.

    When they find out I am a combat vet, the apologies come fast and furious.

  2. branchl77

    The is no difference between a poet and a terrorist, If both are good they change the world or the perceptions of reality. When perceptions change, the world changes. The question becomes, is the change for the good? Does everyone benefit from the change or is this just more of the “us” vs “them” make over? Will the change result in peace or suffering?

    I have recently become a fan of yours.

  3. boozilla

    Speaking as someone who gets stopped and searched at every possible juncture- AND when I return from out of the country can never get a customs form to fill out but get steered to the LITTLE ROOM, because surely I am “not an American”, I loved this! I do think the distinction between terrorist and ANYBODY who thinks about things deeply, much less does ART of any kind, is getting very dangerously blurred now- the point is always to be as inclusive as possible in one’s thoughts and deeds, don’t you think? instead of shrinking everything down to the size of your pinky fingernail?….. Your writing is truly compelling and fresh. Loving it.


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