Bend the crutch
            into a [Z]

                                fold the rice paper
                     in half
                     from the windfarm

      it’s a beautiful day here
under the olivegreen oaks

              that we’ll burn

                                                          break it up
    with your hands
                                     your fingernails
we’re in no hurry

                                                         it’s sticky
                     to the touch

             a complex medley
                                    of aromatic compounds
nothing but good
                                                so good
             we knew it
                                                                 all along

                             add some hash
                                     why not
     it will last longer

                                                little cone
         wrapped tight
                          and sweet
                                     with a quick lick
       along the edge

                                                        spark the end
and breathe it in


                      like it’s the last thing
                                    we’ll ever do

the next one

27 thoughts on “Headband

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Anything you understand automatically negates itself. So you try to understand nothing—except you understand the sun is shining in your eyes, and you’re sweating—that you can almost forget you are dreaming

      1. NaushilMehta

        I think I understand your comment, that at least makes me feel better. May I ask which university you went and what major you had.
        I wish I had this type of enormous intellectual thinking.

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      That’s a good question, I base it off of feeling, like if it should move that way, sometimes I don’t really think about it, it just seems natural, it conforms to the rhythm of the poem in my mind. Hard to explain. I see music in a similar way.

      Thanks, I’ve written plenty of cheesy and lame shit myself (I even think the last few I wrote are but I don’t care) if I had to give advice it would be keep writing, being hard on yourself, and reading the greats, eventually you will suck less. (I’m not saying you suck, hopefully you get what I mean) peace!

      1. pseudonymous Post author

        I remember specifically it was Steven Hawkings A brief history of time that did it for me, it was on the summer reading list, I chose it by its name, from then on I could never take school seriously, and have learned far more on my own since forging my own path.

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