Neon green and indigo

               What is this
                                  blipping in
        and out

we got five minutes
   then it’s back
and it’s always back
          it don’t matter

    how do you even describe
               the way the light shines
     gourdpoked and bouncing like a slinky
down the temple stairs
      of a wooden ribbed

           or a strike of lightning
     how the white
divides                            just nodding
with your headphones
               just wonderin’ things

9 thoughts on “Neon green and indigo

  1. Poet Rummager

    You’re quite talented in the stream of consciousness. It’s rare for me to be spontaneous — I do a bit of research and am visually stimulated… I envy your fluidity.

  2. nara15blog

    I wish them to be fireflies. Not artificial. Fleeting but everlasting in a way.I have a feeling it is a mystery light…something you wake up to in the middle of the night, and your mind is still half asleep. Trying to reason your surroundings.


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