remember that time you
completely disappeared

       Where did you go

   I don’t know

they stood single file outside
of the window and the door
                                     as if they somehow knew

                those were the only ways in

or was it that perhaps they knew
                          that was where I had once been

you can smell the suaveolens
       the guacamole ataxia
                                                     the bloodred

hang a lantern from an echo
                                    that was never even there

       what do you even say to that

dried nicotiana

sprinkled the kapala

in a bed of black seeds

as they came in one by one


29 thoughts on “Provocateurs

  1. 10000hoursleft

    There is something hypnotic about the sound and rhythm of your words. And just as I was about to hit ‘send’ I remembered- your poems give me the feeling of waking out of a dream and kind of knowing what the dream felt like but not remembering the specifics enough to re-tell it. Yes- that’s it!

  2. nara15blog

    Love the botany in your poems. Botanical exploration must be your life? I always romanticize about being a herbalist. I really like this one but it disturbs an interesting way.

  3. zenzuesdocsuess

    how’d you do that, dude? awesome. there is something i could say, but i don’t think it’s necessary. the ones waiting outside, or a figure paralyzed by a smell in a place i can’t remember… danm dude, magico

      1. zenzuesdocsuess

        my intentions are intentional, but i find them accidentally… while looking for what is purposeful. and what is purposeful? nothing. i suppose this is the intention of nothing. is nothing an accident? it would seem so. but what does this tell us? i suppose it just did

  4. boozilla

    My goodness. I’m still just savoring the quacamole ataxia…..while my mind wanders off in the unknown direction indicated by the poem…….dependent arising strikes again!

  5. spartacus2030

    People can do that sometimes. They can just get up and walk out of your life, as if they had no reason to be involved in the first place… Weird! If people are one thing, it unpredictable. One girl left me saying: ‘I hope you have no regrets…’ I said: ‘Well I regret that you’re leaving me!’

      1. spartacus2030

        That’s OK. I’m not easily understood either… If it’s ‘that way’, you should make a poem about this poem. However people see it, does it matter if it still comes out as art? It was a good poem just the same 🙂

      1. pseudonymous Post author

        “Very small particles” by William Burroughs [in his book Nova Express experimenting with cut-up and fold-in] has always been a favorite of mine… “Slight overdose of dimethyltryptamine…” “Slight overdose of love and hate…”

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