Craterellus cornicopioides

I had a vision
while everyone
was sleeping
that I would find you
where the redwoods
met the madrones
I was to go there
six years ago
with my perforated
water bottle
two paper bags
and some grapes
I must have rolled
a joint ripped a tick
off taking a piss
the old Winchester shells
rusted relics
for tarantulas
the hours walking
down trails
through manzinita
tunnels sweating
in the light
in the shadows
of the giants
honing in
on the rise in
blood pressure
the spores
in the dirt
                  It was right when
I had decided to go home
that I looked down
deep in the woods
and saw the dusty
black brain
to be picked
before the years
of drought
that held them

19 thoughts on “Craterellus cornicopioides

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Funny you mention the title that’s actually what inspired this one. I learned for the first time today the latin name of this species I am intimate with and very fond of. You feel rocks, and I’m reminded of it’s soft supple texture, it’s indecipherable taste you couldn’t find anywhere else, and the synchronicity it’s shrouded by. Craterellus cornicopioides…it rolls off the tongue like cunnilingus.

      1. danielpaulmarshall

        are you a Mycology expert. i should have said saying the name is like sucking a mouth full of rocks, not the actually what it is, which i had to Google. i’d have known Chanterelle if that were the poem’s title, which reflects the mushroom more to me, being French in texture, minus the latin hardness.

  1. lunarpoet

    I love that one. A bit like young Werther went on a trip (both the literal and metaphorical) if you don’t mind the comparison. Especially love the image of “tunnels sweating in the light”

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