Angel II

Those full moon nights
rising behind the hills
we’d hike up to Pogonip
just to see it
the whole meadow
to ourselves
and visible

in the moonlight
we’d accelerate
with micrograms
and a glass pipe
dedicated to
just this one thing
your pregnant wife said
she felt like
she was in an egg
after melting it down
into alien candy

It was as if
nothing could touch us
we must have been glowing
they called this place
Heroin Hill
we navigated the tracks
by phosphene
past the headlamp bicycle ghoul
to the garden of eden

We passed right through
someones camp
a shadow
stomping a big staff
or his boots
on the earth
to warn us

Perhaps it was our
maniacal apologies
our incessent laughter
in the redwoods
that assured the man
we were just passing through

Like the river
passing through the place
in the forest
we called our home

11 thoughts on “Angel II

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Thank you for your comment on my other poem. So far I’ve just had a few online lit mags come to me and ask to use a few. There’s also a manuscript in the works. I don’t really care right now about getting my stuff “out there”—perhaps I’m just lazy, or preoccupied. There may come a time when I take these things more seriously. Until then I’m just stacking the meditations while I have some free time this winter to do so. Apparently no one really publishes poetry books so when the time comes I’ll probably just throw it up here for the fans.

      1. danielpaulmarshall

        people absolutely do publish poetry books. the indie presses are alive & well. the only problem is you need to be willing to do some of the work yourself. poetry isn’t a money making industry, nor should it aim to be, but should be self sufficient, with publisher & writer in tandem, working to spread a text. i aim to send a handful of submissions a month, it is nice to see someone print your work & get your name out. i think you could do well submitting, but you have to not be lazy; but being preoccupied isn’t so bad.
        people do read journals, mags, pamphlets & chapbooks, not millions, but enough to make it worthwhile us keeping the whole thing ticking over, else we prove to people who think poetry is dead that it is, when in fact it is very much alive.

      2. pseudonymous Post author

        Totally agreed thanks for the insight. I might have to pick your brains some day! It’s definitely a goal of mine in due time. I appreciate your encouragement.

  1. tmezpoetry

    Fascinated with some repeating traits in your poetry. I’ve noticed that sound, form, and junction are important themes to you, which makes for awesome poetry. You must really love music or even naturalistic sounds. Love the poem.

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Sometimes I hear my poetry sung in my mind while writing and I was once a sound engineer professionally…love music yes I am a musician as well I do like to try to conjoin these themes—I’m so happy to hear!


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