No power in the hills 連句


It just reminds me
of Keith Fullerton Whitman
snow taps the window—

I wonder how long
I’ll be disconnected for—
like I give a shit—

The satellite dish
is under a mound of white—
it can’t do its job—

That’s usually when
I get up and go outside
or eat some acid—

But then I figured
I could keep writing haiku—
seemed like a good plan—

There exists something
kinda like the internet—
it’s what we’re made from—

It’s why we see things
before we think they happen
while we are asleep—

And why we’re always
thinking exactly the same
things at the same time—

Sure I count the words
first five, then seven, then five
all over again—

I count them without
knowing why or where they will
scatter—lead me to—

The time marches on—
the snow keeps getting thicker
but it’s warm in here—

Like a bright greenhouse—
I’m naked in the garden
just because I can—

A pitch black drumbeat
in the way that you’re melting—
drift off to elsewhere—

Or so I thought—uh—
now I’m wide awake thinkin’
might see the sunrise—

I still wonder who
lies with me by the river—
the rattlesnakes coil—

Who sits with me by
the bonfire in Myakka—
the jumping spider—

Who gazes with me—
but the blacktailed blackeyed deer—
the barn owl says yes—

Who forms tight clusters
on the eucalyptus trees
down by the lighthouse—

I don’t know—I can
only wonder—only write—
only wait once more—

The grey wolves are gone—
they left ten decades ago—
mountain lions stayed—


I waked powerless—
there are trees freezing to death—
the creaking woodstove—

Called PG&E—
miracle to have service—
down since 3:21—

A generator
would be pretty sweet to have—
just watch the snow fall—

Maybe I’ll get one—
fill this page with haiku first—
we’ll see what happens—

Life can be like chess—
say patience is a virtue—
always simulate—

Why did I have booch
before a cup of coffee—
that was pretty dumb—

Sit by the fire—
wonder if my friends will come—
phone’s on airplane mode—

But I’m not flying
on a plane like the other
renku that I writ—

That swollen gushing—
welling up and wondering
where it will dissolve—

What tributary
will this channel fertigate
through perseverance—

What sign is seen next—
how long before we see it
clearly again—

It builds up—collects—
like the snow on the pine trees—
something’s got to give—

They’re only notions—
like things I ought to strive for—
everything’s a dream—

It spins like a wheel—
hard to say where it will land—
it’s always moving—

I want to take it—
everything I’ve ever done—
give it all away—

I don’t believe in
space but I believe in
time’s weird gravity—

It was way too bright
writing this by the window—
crawl back into bed—

I won’t wish for it
’cause I know on some level
it’s already done—

Besides let’s face it—
all of this will melt away—
rocket arches warm—


When was the last time
I sat with a candle lit—
inkhanded filling—

Dozens of trees down—
the road that takes me out there—

All I need right now—
peppercorn pork tenderloin—
fuck yeah the oven

Not sure what else but
Amy’s cream of mushroom soup
will be dank as fuck—

Feed them coals with logs—
go out and get a bundle—
the motor on deck—

Come at your own risk
is basically what I said—
the fuckin’ road man—

Gotta love the hills—
it’s always something out here—
never a dull day—

Now it’s time to feast—
why am I still writing this—
steady with candle—

Gold country’s rustic—
drive a city slicker mad—
not even a road—

Butter up the toast—
I’m full as a big balloon—
how’d Boozilla fare—

Well this has been fun—
you gotta stop somewhere right—
all about that sleep—

Put my toes outside
to feel the cold mountain air—
it’s too warm in here—

You’re like a windchime—
sometimes I can hear you—but
you’re always there—

Come here—rub my hips—
ten years of my life spent on
sparring Koreans—


The third day

Coconut ballsack—
no beating around the bush—
good as a shower—

They said 9pm
yesterday now it’s today—
lol cabin fever—

Fill up notebooks back—
maybe make another trek—
maybe I might not—

When you go to leave
babylon bring your guitar—
you’re gonna need it—

Super silver haze
crossed with extinct cultivars—
breathe vapor like air—

What is this mountain
vipassana on bluetooth
with oldschool bluetech—

The skies are blue now—
the earth iced over frozen—
stars shine on my face—

Saw some shit last night
I couldn’t even explain—
just soak it all up—

Let’s all just pretend
none of this is happening—
it never happened—

You could try to lock
me up but I’ve already
escaped from this place—

There it is between
the songs—the generator—
half-n-half went bad—

I like when you hit
a note and it relays all
over my body—

The effervescent
tingle atop my head
when it’s sung just right—

The busted canteen—
the gun metal pocket knife—
I know every scar—

Never got a tat—
didn’t see the point in it—
think they look cool though—

This reminds me
of Haruki Murakami—
bottom of the well—

When you are to wait—
deepest darkest you can find—
then pass through the wall—

The cat disappears—
then the cat one day comes back—
but where did you go—

Push up against it
until I no longer can—
face flat on the floor—

I was seeing stars—
like the atomic forces
starting to break down—

While the ink empties
these words they seem to fulfill—
let it wash away—

There are no more days
ever again in my life—
just like groundhog day—

Animism or
anxiety—I’m right there
with the frozen land—

didn’t need it anyway—
cotton swab the nail—

I wear sunglasses
in the house—I’ve seen the light
in all it’s glory—

What comes from the ice—
breathing like the hemp dragon
Chinese festival—

We will not forget
no matter how hard you try—
ninja hashishins—

The voice of Hassan
I Sabbah in the desert
has become my own—-

Billie Holiday
with Henry J. Aslinger—
deathbed withdrawal—

Like we didn’t see
you move crack to schedule two
that was a while back—

Only reason left—
ignore it ’til it caves—
I’ll gladly join in—

Sometimes I wonder
if it’s even worth it or
I’m right where I am—


36 thoughts on “No power in the hills 連句

  1. trE

    I’ve never seen this many haiku as one solid work of art. I’m totally in awe. I’ve seen multiples. I do multiples. But, never this many. Exceptional work!

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Thanks so much! It’s called a renku that’s what the japanese symbols I used are for. Pretty fun when you’re snowed in. Errin Spelling (also on wp) is my fav renku writer. I wish she would post more. I guess that’s what makes them so good when you get them huh?

  2. boozilla

    As always, right on It. Boozilla fared quite similarly if not as eloquently, blessings and thanks!(….except we had our pork al pastor. But peppercorn will be next.) This gave me some much needed insight today. Did i tell you we finally got the chainsaw back?In keeping with the mystery most of the trees right around us are full of nails. Indeed there is never a dull moment- it’s one’s nerves that get dulled, at this point……they’re flipping like live wires still…….

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Don’t even get me started on al pastor, chainsaws, and nerve dulling! It’s always that moment where you’re most expectant: “chainsaw+tree=happy fire smile time obviously” that the hopes and dreams shatter into the fragments we may someday call enlightenment. Who nails trees that is some ghetto-rigged shit—

      1. boozilla

        So true. HAHAHA enlightenment, barn’s burnt down again and yes we see the moon, and it is Madame Entropy who does the nailing of the trees. AND chaining. Never, apparently, even been near the ‘hood. Shows to go you…….

      2. pseudonymous Post author

        You guys try and have a relaxing weekend up there! I just cancelled an apt I had and am going to just chill. Get back on the monumental amount of shit that needs to be done now next week. I drove my 4×4 over one of the dozens of downed trees on my road and I don’t think it’a very happy with me at the moment. 😄 In a world where it’s all up to you all the time fucking off and taking breaks is the most crucial part. The silence between the notes.

        May I suggest to decarboxylate some concentrate until it no longer bubbles, fill up a 00 capsule 1/3 with the material after freezing it, the other 2/3 filled with coconut oil. Bon voyage. If you have oral syringes handy you can mix the two into solution at a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio to make it easier.

      3. pseudonymous Post author

        P.S. I just now finally got a call, my chainsaw is ready! I found a piece of a tree lodged between my muffler and chasis too! Yay muddy new moon! I just drove my road…power cables straight up laying on the ground in one spot 😅

      4. boozilla

        This is an excellent suggestion. !! And yes. I have a feeling that fucking off is going to be a step up for me after all of this being under a pile driver….hahah…..enjoy the peace and quiet, anyway……i am enjoying seeing the snow on the mountains….bluebirds are back……

      5. pseudonymous Post author

        I’m taking me up on my own advice right now. If you’re not shooting for KO you can cut the dosis in half. Those are some of my favorite things in the world. I keep thinking—Go south, hike to the hotsprings in the rain before it gets too crowded—grass is always greener [want nothing/have everything] Go make a snowman——-no for real though I’ve decided after a solid week of crushing it something must be done to recalibrate the scale. A couple drops from the dramm did the trick last night.

      6. boozilla

        personally? at this point it’s kinda KO or nothing. *ahem* and recalibration DOES happen. i keep telling myself….we took a walk today, actually. came back and made a combination pibil/posole. still with the pork……..recalibration onward!

      7. pseudonymous Post author

        I feel like there is some symbolism here that I don’t understand but I’m laughing anyway. My first initial thoughts were a large stump carving of a chainsaw…made with a chainsaw (an old tweaker all hopped up at the market showed me his chainsawbears on his iphone and offered to do it to any stump on anyones property at the store—kicking myself ) Call it my megamanlyrobotarm of freedom. Jeez maybe I’ll make a bear…

      8. boozilla

        I’m thinking…..a winged bear holding a chainsaw, actually. Maybe a halo of bluebirds…..probably it’ll just be a drawing……and a stump bear sounds good but policy around here is keep tweakers and chainsaws separate……

  3. danielpaulmarshall

    There exists something
    kinda like the internet—
    it’s what we’re made from—

    the connection between higher reality & the everyday reality of the internet is deftly done. i think these kind of analogies work well. it gives higher reality a sort of mundanity, makes it less something far away & something more present in the things we take for granted, as if higher reality is somehow expressed, or staring to be expressed by the systems we develop, yet against our better understanding never quite cut the mustard for us to wake out of torpor. maybe this is as far as we get for higher consciousness: easy access to porn, ancient texts, blogs with health advice by amateurs, recipes etc etc

  4. Kelley Rose

    Reminds me of my years in the Cascade Mountain winters, going slowly insane as ice solidified my available water supply, hauling propane tanks down slushy roads with my shoulders burning, smoking all the resin in my weed pipe at least twice, bottles of three dollar gas station wine glued to my numb fingers… ah, the crazy shit I filled my notebooks with in those years I shudder to think of.
    Thank you for this one it brought me back to insanity


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