The shadow

Who knew all you had to do was
inhibit monoamine oxidase—

Take a spoon full of seeds
as the sun sets over the dunes—

Long before us it was already done
they fell through the ceiling—

You can go to the mosques today 
see the frozen crystal clouds they left

In their voices—in the wind—in the sand
it’s still there interwoven into forever—

A desert flower that won’t stop blooming 
no matter what you say, what you do—

On the lick of an oud you repeated
these charred verses into the black moon—

You died but you kept coming back
no matter how many books they burned—

You sat by the fire of the acacia tree—
by the light of it’s sap you found us

Looking back through time there it was
the beginning, the end, all in one

Single moment you sat in circles
disappearing—singing and purging—

What the rainforests were thinking—
the jaguar lay rolling on the leaves—

And the dogs of hunters lapped up
in the darkness to see through it—

The poison arrow dart sent shimmering
at the snap of a stick into the boar—

These songs that we can see we learned
from the memories of the rooted—

Go home—ask the incarnata
for an omen tonight—see what it says

40 thoughts on “The shadow

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      And I appreciate knowing it was chilling!— wasn’t going for that but I’m happy it came off that way. I suppose it is and I’m just used to it at this point. And yes, I’m sure there will be more, although what and when is unknown, and sometimes the words fade into the background of my life… although lately it’s been a bit of a torrent with the storms and all

      1. (Art)iculate Culture

        Hmmm. Yes. Words and memories might fade into the background and sometimes, they emerge into our consciousness yet again, when we do not call for them, either to our surprise or horror. Last year was particularly the stormiest for me and I felt like my mind had been wrecked. This affected all my relationships. I had to constantly ask myself what the issue was and very slowly, fix myself.
        Now, I live day by day and try to manage my hypersensitivity by writing or taking time out.
        I hope you’ll feel better. I support your authentic voice. Take care.

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Thank you… I am totally on a roll and I know it’s going to fizzle out at some point so I’m trying to make the most of it! I’m not sure if I’ve seen this specific book but I just did an image search and yeah it’s no wonder where they got some of the designs for their architecture.

      Love this one:

      1. boozilla

        What’s interesting to me is that the basic design element, which repeats, is the same pattern as the energy the heart’s field sends out. And don’t worry about fizzling- you know it happens and it’s just the inbreath. Not to worry. The roll will continue.

      2. pseudonymous Post author

        You’re on point with this. Electromagnetic energy moves omnidirectionally from our heart the same way music [or any sound] forms cymatics in realtime. (Scientifically proven folks) If you’ve never seen this before you’re gonna trip the fuck out:

        They recorded piano notes in realtime with a cymascope. I think John Lily was involved in this at one point with his dolphin fetish. Look at those videos then imagine this all around you all the time. As a musician I can even sortof feel the shapes but it’s nothing like actually seeing them objectively like that.

        You know I recall a study done on bees, something like they use this visible electromagnetism from their heart to communicate or something? It’s been a while I don’t remember the details but now I want to delve back into it see if there’s been any more developments with this type of stuff. Super interesting.

        Thanks, I don’t worry about it, but I recognize when it’s time to write and when it’s time to live. Phases.

      3. pseudonymous Post author

        I know right… on some level we’re picking up on it all the time (hearing/feeling sound, it even affects your vision) seeing it adds a whole different dimension though. As for the geodome decay that the heart does…one can only speculate to it’s function. I’m like the guy that can do math without showing his work except with philosophy instead of numbers. I think it’s obvious but I’m always open to learning more.

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      There are so many different types of acacia out there. My memory on the amounts rusty but I think it could be over 1,000. I use it here in accurate historical significance with the sufi. I’d have to dig up the exact type from some sources but that’s besides the point. Analysis on local sp. could be interesting…you never know what you find especially with the more obscure ones. Oh and thank you. You can tell I nerd out on this stuff. And yes agreed!

      1. danielpaulmarshall

        I have a friend who is a forager & mycologist, self taught but brilliant, in Berlin, i started taking note of such things due to him & try to learn a little. It’s good to know a little about the world. Shocking sometimes how little people know.

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Why thank you—you may be surprised how tangible all of this really is though if you try—even curcumin is a beta-carboline—I have visions of a tribe engulfed in gardens of passionflower—the keys are there just waiting, the locks hung snug from the buttons of the mind…


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