Only from his wholeness can man create a model of the whole

Holonomic clues 


                   consciousness awake: 

   gamma synchrony
characteristically brief
(about 3 seconds at most)
           synchronous states attained
                                                through meditation
                                             that require less energy
                                             than other mental states

                   resulting in quantum electrodynamics
residing in the frequency domain
        congruent to Bohm’s implicate order

                                                        Carl Jung
                applied to foundations
                          of quantum mechanics
      comprising a practice of
      self knowledge
                                         to express the impossibility
                                        of final determination
                                       of the categories
                                      of ‘physical’ and ‘psychic,’

      where consciousness
might be found to reside—
                      ‘integrate and fire’ neural
            model brain mapping so far
        has not been very fruitful—

                         biological quantum computer—
          we gained an idea for human memory—
conscious understanding is non-computational—

                                 ‘self-collapse’ is consciousness

              we can imagine our conscious minds
        as something akin to an orchestra
warming up

Russell Targ talked about
the long and successful history
of the remote viewing program
that he managed for Third Eye Spies

                                      remote viewing is so easy
                  that even a scientist can do it

            show me the surprising images
                                   that come into your mind

                          there is a notion of approximate
  reality associated with the quantum
                              realm sandwiched between

                                         the way presuppositions
are implicit
                              unconscious assumptions
that often have a dangerous way
                       of sneaking into our theories

examine more closely that of
                            objectivity: that there exist such
                                                  things as objects

                                challenging can be understood
       to be a process of questioning

         we can then keep track of subject
                          and object with every distinction
                                         being made

Classical theory is a process

the arena is in the mind…

                             “Which mind?” (mind VS matter)
                                since experience consists
                                  of both subject and object

  Dreams can thus provide us
with a good metaphor for the quantum
  paradigm with One Mind cosmology
             can qualitatively
  explain and predict

                 viewing the universe as a multiverse
        with closed timelike curves—
wormholes connecting universes—

Such a conceptualization of the multiverse transcends linear dynamics, so everything can be considered as being part of parallel universes, where previous time travel paradoxes no longer wreak the kind of havoc we’ve come to expect. Both the “knowledge paradox” and “grandfather paradox” can be resolved through chronological-respecting qubits and consistent time-looping qubits. What comes out of one wormhole thus goes into another world, with entanglement being preserved overall throughout the multiverse

             As soon as you have wormholes
             you have consciousness
operating in a block universe

               Both future and past are located
                                               on the horizon

Entirely cut up and rearranged from:
RealityShifter’s blog

23 thoughts on “Only from his wholeness can man create a model of the whole

  1. pseudonymous Post author

    ​I don’t normally do addendums but I also don’t normally do pieces like this so I felt like it was needed. I wanted to first reiterate that none of the words came from my mind—the original source material has been linked above. Yes it’s heavily cut up and rearranged. I recommend reading the original article on the conference of quantum mechanics meets neuroscience for a more accurate version.

    You don’t even have to fully understand it to read between the lines and get the jist of the paradigm shift that is happening and has been for some time. Now exponentially more so than ever. It inspires me, I want to learn and understand the details better (what the fuck is a qubit?)—or at least try to.

    This reminds me of how Robert Anton Wilson moved from writing philosophy into lecturing physics in Santa Cruz in his later years. It’s some of the trippiest shit you could think about… no drugs even needed. Although I must say they do help one wrap their puny little minds around the concepts and tap into the source itself for direct experience. The good ones do at least.

    This cut up poem, the title of which being a quote from Carl Jung, is a meditation on the death of the failed models of the objective universe and the birth / revival of the entangled quantum unification of all.

      1. lostinmist

        May be less enthralling than the illusion..,, but, nontransitive dice, a tesseract, transcendental numbers in general (e & pi, eg) , bedlam cube, the 6D projection than somehow explains by ‘manifold’ the bee dance, dictionary def of ‘manifold’ in general, sort of lexicography writings, if you land on a good one, robert Anton wilson, etc & beyond. I was about to drop just then, and still am so catch up later. Compound interest. Continued fractions. Dream telepathy. Loop we loop de loop! The imaginary number.

  2. danielpaulmarshall

    I think Jung’s solution to the double slit experiment was to do it under hypnosis, from the unconscious. i’d love to know the results.
    Bohm’s Wholeness & the Implicate Order was a thrill to read. His On Creativity is an important text too. Lot of big ideas in this poem.

    1. danielpaulmarshall

      Jung had all manner of odd ideas about popular topics of the time. he thought UFOs were the mind projecting archetypes: whereas the myth that saturated previous generation was religio-centric, the modern was obsessed with the advancement of technology, so the projected archetype of the modern was of a technologically superior race of beings. fascinating. my blog actually began as dream interpretation— i kept a dream journal for years, i thought it would encourage an enlightened state in tandem with regular meditation. when i lived surrounded by mountains i started this blog, wrote my dreams in micro-fiction form then interpreted them with dense footnotes to literature, philosophy & other related topics. no one read it, so i scraped it & focused on poetry. i mean that almost literaly, i think less than a handful of people read even a handful of what amounted to about 50 or so posts.
      Jung saturated my every movement for a while. i have had some absurd Synchronicity events happen to me, dream de ja vous that came true, some weird stuff & some crazy theories about the beginning of the universe.

      1. pseudonymous Post author

        Are those posts still there? Like the beginning of the universe of your blog? I’m interested—will delve. I’m starting to read the other Jeju writers blog now too. I was hooked when he quoted the divers taunting the poachers! And also thanks for that bit…really amazing stuff to wake up to

      2. danielpaulmarshall

        i am sorry but those old posts exist only as the white noise of my anecdotes & fragmented static of memory: i deleted them. Joey’s blog is very important, he works to get shrines UNESCO protected & works tirelessly raising awareness about the local people, because sometimes there voice is not heard when development is seen as more important.
        i noticed you had a read through nearly everything on my blog, thanks for that, sorry if you couldn’t find the dream posts, all gone; you are about a month too late.

      3. pseudonymous Post author

        I can look at it in terms of evolution, sometimes we must move forward. Like your comment about not knowing what works until it does. What doesn’t does not survive.

      4. pseudonymous Post author

        It’s the same with genetics and I say this botanically but in context in terms of shamanism why is it so much harder to see it ‘not work’ or is that just another form of evolution…

      5. danielpaulmarshall

        i think the consequence of something not working is much more a matter of life & death. though Santayana said something to the effect that if ever a mechanism for survival of a species was successful, love & beauty were such mechanisms, so again, life thrusts a dichotomy in our midst to sift through— i go with sense, which bends less like the moth to an imploring flame, & more like the butterfly on a draft, it goes where it feels right.

      6. pseudonymous Post author

        And I love synchronicity and precognitive dream stuff, it’s a good sign when people notice it happening. Crazy theories are the best…I have so many. My blog is always open if you want to ramble.

  3. pseudonymous Post author

    If anyone else is even remotely as curious about all of this as I am:

    “Unlike the computers of today, which are limited to the 1s and 0s of binary code bits, quantum computers are based on qubits. Thanks to the ‘spooky’ quantum effect known as entanglement that occurs in matter at its smallest scale, each qubit can take on the state of 0, 1, or a ‘superposition’ of the two.

    So rather than having bits that can only be 1 or 0 at any given moment, qubits can be anything and everything at once. This means they can perform many calculations simultaneously, giving them the potential for unprecedented processing power.

    So far, scientists have barely been able to build devices with more than 10 or 15 qubits, and that’s not going to be much use to anyone.

    “For some of the really exciting applications of quantum computers, such as inventing new drugs, or understanding the fabric of reality itself, understanding the Universe, designing new materials, instead of 10 or 15 quantum bits, I need a lot more qubits, maybe up to 10 billion quantum bits eventually.””


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