Procaine HCl official user manual, page 23

You   get    these          eighteen

                               millimeter needles 

                       you bend them   so they arch

soaked in              sodium hypochlorite

 they go down           inside  and sit

         after being          drilled out
     inside of you—       I had visions
                                       of genetalia with wings
                                       floating down the hallway
                                     or my own crotch not molded
                                     but metallified alchemically
                               like a drill spinning nursehidden
                               velocititastically hoping
                                 out thru the bare naked maples
                                 throw their hands up over
              the   greywet    rivertown     rain

it was crazy—she was all like
the emergencies today                yeah I understand

                                                                   so I lay
                    rubberdamfaced and bonegaped
without a piss for hours no prob
                    no way was I going back to Jimenez
                    in Soquel after Mariah Carrey
                    singalong failure three years later—

Wake up—      Mexican garage thrash
                                                        drinking coffee
                  like a sacramento— 

               kombucha bottle explodes—
   the ribeyes thaw—
                                                      sawtooth icepicked
the needledug jaw—                    no more bacterial                       body alarm throbs—

          yeah—then their voices      interlock
face to face                male / female
         —what              have you learned    from me—

   cloud life;                                everything

            I could ever   need 

  place a round right through the part
  of the tongue that wants
                                          just to say you did it—Look

is it even                                  torsopumped
into an envelope of faulty pistons  squirt

                               you could crumple up

                 pieces of shredded paper

          hear a drum kit roll around on the floor

                            or the crackling of a temple 

      burning to the ground

         things feel different this year    what metric
are you using to quantify that
       —I had to laugh
                     into the mudcloud all over again 
           the bales of straw             between the snow

             ten pounds of          rye seeds spread
by hand at the top of the hill        before the storm
        right  on my fingers  and off  again they go

all rawgummed needlejabbed eigthnoted riptide
not too much sodium bicarbonate or it will burn

but the chloride in the soup crashing out
            of the solution to the problem we were left
speechless—we thought it was abandoned
they weren’t kidding either—it was strictly 


yet it changed the way you thought—
                    a warm wave of light when they’re
                                   together—hydroxide dissolves

bellclouds                  leave winter behind tonight
on the steady horizon a xylophone thrown aside
the bullets slow in the deep black moonlit waves

hollow         streaks            block flickering
          soon we will                change again 
memorize                                     tentacle harbored

           blinky lights                   record words

                           at the push of a button
is watching you       watching me             you’re

     a sunset like a scar healed by getting it
             or it could have just been Deantoni huh

maybe we could live in this weekly mansion
                                           for the rest of our lives

that thick glass chick on the harp melts away
      a puddle of cymatic soup and ejaculate
             foam bubblefroth they’d gaze at it holily
      while I was like whoa

the official report said ten weeks later

she was so hot the silicone offgassed 

into her mouth and she asphyxiated 


4 thoughts on “Procaine HCl official user manual, page 23

  1. mrsorenson

    an intriguing and scary narrative of inside and out at war.
    appropriately wonderful wordsmithing.
    not sure what you were trying to do with the formatting.
    thanks very much.


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