How I learned to love the spider (still to this day)

When I still lived in San Jose
I was slowly realizing I was never
going to figure out the sorting system
at Michael’s, it made no sense—
all of my attempts amounted to never
quite getting it right, so I stopped trying
but that’s besides the point—
I was going home—

I lived not far from there at the time
and my friend Conrad had already
made himself at home
thru the sliding glass door of the apartment
a bottle of shitty wine hell yeah why not

then I looked up and saw the spider
on the ceiling right above my head

it was childish as hell—I wanted
to get it drunk—so I put it in a jar

I was going to release it—I made sure
it was sealed tight and used a safety pin
to poke air holes so it could breathe
and so I could give it wine—

but somewhere between poking air holes
and grabbing the bottle something
went wrong—

it was gone

                       still to this day he denies he did it

and I can’t remember him havin’ any chance anyway

18 thoughts on “How I learned to love the spider (still to this day)

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Sweet! Thanks! It’s been fun to think about how various beings have influenced me over the years, become a ‘totem’ in a sense, figured I’d make a series out of it, I’m sure there will be more at some point…

      1. boozilla

        Oh God. RIP pumphouse? We had that a few years ago and it was..let’s just say…fraught with danger, excitement, cliff hanging, and one attempted dog suicide.

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