It’s funny to think
about how hormones
are drugs produced
by your body
that control almost
everything that makes you you

and yet we know that isn’t true at all
—we are something else
entirely—how could we limit ourselves
to this dead iron flesh when we were
full spectrum fountains of light—

and yet that was all just an idea
—like the last full moon passing
before planting when the pull
on our waters are weakest in the dark

observable, testable—like
the last poem
in the works before the poetry
of being works its hands
of vines
into autumn’s lines

you call it
but you know
I’m not too sure
about that

33 thoughts on “Orexin

      1. boozilla

        Yes indeedy! We carry on and sally forth and make toasts and toast, also. Much of what has been killed is, in fact, better off gone. Except the damn saw, of course…..

      2. boozilla

        For sure. They said 188k people were evacuated; also some up farther above Redding too. At least we’re on a small hill….literally, cold comfort! This is Not Going to be Pretty in the long run. Plus literally the first thing the co. sup. said this am was: this is going to cost a lot of money. Like that’s all there is to be concerned with….*sigh*

  1. mahbuttitches

    This is mesmerizing. I love it. It made me confused and nervous, but somehow … also focused, if that makes sense.

  2. Pingback: disue

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Thank you so much!

      Sometimes you can entitle a poem and it enriches the depth profoundly but it can be tricky and take a lot of focus—most of the time I just pick the first thing that comes to mind but it’s def worth it to try.

      Sometimes I am on point with this. Like “the handshake” for example which I thought was executed well even though it’s a joke of a poem. The whole time you’re wondering what the handshake is…then bam, there it is!

      This poem I was randomly reading about hormones because they are interesting as fuck…

      1. grevisangel73

        I actually have a lot of pieces written that way that I have not finished. They start out really well, and I have the idea in my head, but I get stuck, so I have to go back to those and work on them. I can do the same, read about a subject and get an idea, or even see or hear a word and use that as my kick start. Well done. Thinking man/womans poetry.

      2. pseudonymous Post author

        I love when you hear a good word and it’s like a refreshing rambuton split open in your mind…Definitely was the case with Orexin, reminded me of origin but technomadic— made me wonder the etymology but I’m more into the pharmacology.

        Sometimes you just need to call it and move on though. I won’t work on a poem for more than a few days. That’s just my style though.

        I like that, man/womans poetry.

      3. grevisangel73

        Thanks. My problem is my vocabulary isn’t so extensive. I love the sound of some words. I have always been interested in origins, not just of words, but I always want to know the etymology of a word, if it is one that interests or moves me.
        I will eventually go back to my scraps of paper and put something together. What gets me is when I am in bed, and I’m half awake and have a good line. I always think I will remember it, and don’t. Sometimes I will force myself to write it down. I keep a pad by my bed, and use my cellphone for a light.
        I have had three good lines the past week and forgot them all because I did not write them down.

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