it would be possible

      to create a crystal

                          breaking an equivalent symmetry
                  in time the same way
     that a crystal breaks
symmetry in space
—he thought

mulling over—musing—

turning fresh pages just to hear it—

feel the nice folds go out of and into their place

                   the first time it was theorized

we ate them like eggs from the rooftops

          Higgs’ hairy hand
reached out of whiteout
                conditions to give up
         this punctured spacesuit of alarm bells
  you could touch into a warm mute

                  the time regularity
would be somehow dormant
                         hidden from view like a dragnet
                                               adding a little energy
                                                       would unveil its


this solved the paradox of perpetual motion
                     (see you tonight)

27 thoughts on “Time.gif

  1. danielpaulmarshall

    did you take that photograph? the enjoyment of paper folding put me in mind of Wallace Stevens. in one of his poems, i forget which, he enjoys the sound of a crumpled up piece of paper, which is just a wondrous sense of focus on the mundane. here the oscillation between mundane & supramundane is beautifully handled. you may not know scansion but you sure know how to take us away from ourselves for a brief spell.

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Thank you, yes I took it right before the crescent moonrise here tonight, I’ve been toying with the nocturnal—don’t have an ideal lense for it yet but getting time in for when I do

      1. pseudonymous Post author

        It trips me out that you can see orions nebula (I just now started shooting RAW) I never even knew that was there, I saw it in another image with slightly better focus (focusing on the sky is hard without a powerful flashlight) and I couldn’t believe it… I sure as hell can’t see it with my busted ass eyes. July will be sweet when the new moon comes around and the galaxy is in full view.

      2. pseudonymous Post author

        I think we have similar cameras and lenses, 18mm, 3200ISO, 20 seconds, f/4.5. Have you tried long exposure on the top of jeju? Is it because of the size of the island?

        Just for the record the two best skies that I’ve seen: Pinedale, Wyoming and Mt. Haleakala, Maui. Make sure you greyhound to Pinedale, play horseshoe with the locals, and hike up to the state park to 11,000 ft. I could see the stars through my eyelids through the tent through the trees but not through the earth I’ll never forget it.

      3. danielpaulmarshall

        i have been up in the mountain at night & it was very clear. i didn’t take photos though. i only found out about long exposure after my trip up there.
        i think it may be something to do with moisture. i don’t really know. you get stars of course. but it just isn’t as clear as say, when i was in the south of France, shit man, that was intense. i could see satellites moving along the curvature of the earth.
        if i visit America you’ll have to take me some places. nudge nudge. haha. my own personal pseudonymous tour guide. i’ll pay you in verses. haha

      4. pseudonymous Post author

        Right, humidity, thick muggy air like Florida. It is dry as hell here now that it isn’t raining anymore. I’m down for a currency in language that’s an intriguing concept. So much to explore so little time…

      5. pseudonymous Post author

        I’ve only skimmed the surface of the road. It takes you where it does. Some funny places man… it’s only been raining and snowing and hailing almost constantly here in norcal since october, the state of our infrastructure right now is sad, the worst I’ve ever seen it in my life, revolution is in the air and I like it. Before this shitstorm of secession and earthquake predictions there was years and years of drought. There’s an island off the coast of portugal where they don’t use money but I bet they would accept poetry.

  2. russtwilson

    Excellent poem, thank you! Absence of Field/Abstract Expressionism? From a physics perspective time crystals are a fascinating idea from strange loops/self-referential perspective. Almost Time’s equivalent of referencing itself.
    Thank you! Keep it up!

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Thanks, yeah they are trippy, I don’t think about categorization when I write, I go more for feeling, concept, or from vision, sorta like a classical indian raga in that sense.

      1. Anonymous

        Gotcha. It’s very good, and I shouldn’t ask how you do the magic trick. 😉 Keep it up!

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