The elephant woke up in Mexico

When they built the wall
all they had to do was dig tunnels

They did it so damn well
the Israeli and Palestinians took note
on the other side of the earth

Ten years ago they took the moneys
out of the banks

A silent protest
heard around the world

You remember
the recession

The only liquid capital they had
was laundered and withdrawn

They called it a crisis
like they did when they sold
all the junkies into their scriptwritten plunges

What do you think happened
in those ten years down there

Over a hundred thousand dead

The sinaloa not taken down
but allowed to grow—
coaxed & cultivated
building tanks—laying lateral waste
to everything in opposition
until hijacked

Parade Shorty’s head around the village
like you actually made an impact

You ever wonder why the sewers
in Tijuana fail this time of year

Why the beaches in San Diego are closed

How there’s always a house
connecting another house 
already beneath the wall 
to keep us in

Sunglasses at the racetrack in Kentucky

They say all forces
coerce in pairs

Like our appetite
and their unmarked graves

Como prohibición
y plata o plomo


Round ’em up boys
you gotta earn your marks
you gotta get somethin’
to write home about

The only reason
you would deport
an underlying driving force
of our economy
is to disrupt it
and that makes you
for a whole new reason
our sworn enemies


49 thoughts on “The elephant woke up in Mexico

  1. boozilla

    you never cease to amaze me. this is so true, so well put, and of course beautiful as a poem. my hat already blew off or i’d tip it for you…..

  2. danielpaulmarshall

    i feel you’ve been supping on that ‘revolutionary air’ you were telling me about. & to good effect.

    Round ’em up boys
    you gotta earn your marks
    you gotta get somethin’
    to write home about

    this gave a chill down my spine.

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      Thanks yes indeed I have—I am not one to get too riled up over politics but I fear the time for doing so is upon us. I’m cautiously on the outskirts watching and will be adding to these ‘poems from the revolution’ from time to time as things…progress. I might send this one out but I don’t know who would want it.

      1. danielpaulmarshall

        there are plenty of political poetry journals i am sure of that. you need to put a pocket of time aside to do some rummaging. maybe a series is in order under that title ‘poems from the revolution’.
        what might help you find journals is doing a post asking your followers for journal leads. doesn’t seem your style but an option.
        a google search of political poetry mags//journals will certainly cough something up.
        you’re poems have energy & good use of vocabulary. you will like everyone receive rejections, but don’t let that knock you down a rung, just send a few at a time, wait the reply, then send to others. that way you aren’t getting too obsessed with it all. that’s how i do it. i sent 4 out, got two acceptances. but i am waiting the other two, when they are all back in the basket, i’ll find more or resend to any that asked me to in the future. you need a process that’s all. i believe your poems have value enough, for sure.

      2. pseudonymous Post author

        Great advice I need to start doing this, thank you Daniel. I remember I used to fantasize about city lights publishing my work when I was a kid lol

      3. danielpaulmarshall

        one more thing. you have alot of space on your blog but sometimes journals (no often) don’t. they want something on one page. so you need to either send something shorter or expand the length of your lines. & if (though i don’t think you have this problem) you need a second pair of eyes you can always email me so stuff to look over. i know it sometimes helps for me. i am fortunate to have Tim Miller at wordandsilence to do this for me & i likewise for him. it isn’t for every poem, but just those i need an honest eye for. i’ll happily be that other eye for you should the need arise.

      4. pseudonymous Post author

        That is awesome thanks I definitely value your perspective on what we do here immensely. I might try to at least start to get into the rhythm of this right now. Blizzard’s rolling in here.

      5. danielpaulmarshall

        no time like the present. you might find it enjoyable reordering the lines & seeing your work form new perspectives. it’s profitable to spend time with our creations. & reading journals, well, some of the work may not be to your liking, but in such a wealth of work you are bound to find something & it is worth it for that. sorry i can’t help on what journals to look at, i don’t read any political poetry. but i may have a browse for you later.

  3. Nick Saba

    The perspective in this poem is timeless. “Ten years ago” becomes ten years from now becomes Israel and Palestine. Tunnels and walls, beaches and sewers echo the dichotomies in this poem. Unfortunately we live in a society that fears differences instead of learning from them.

  4. equinoxio21

    Great words. (I live south of the border!). Now is it really “to disrupt” the economy? Possible. I think it is just sheer stupidity. “Folly and ignorance the common curse of mankind.”

    1. pseudonymous Post author

      I think it goes beyond economics personally that’s just one facet I chose to outline in this poem. Immigrants are scared shitless out here right now afraid to even go to school. The feds won in regards to terrorizing everyones sense of freedom. The outcomes of this are yet to be determined. I do know however almost every farmer in the state right now is nervous as hell. We rely on immigrants here.

      1. equinoxio21

        True. For crops. Hadn’t thought about that. I have a few mexican friends north of the border. They are worried. And everyone should be. The level of state (fed) scrutiny of individual lives is beyond belief.

      2. pseudonymous Post author

        The state is working on bills that will protect them while the feds are trying to reverse everything. I’ve read one source that said 70% of farm hands were illegal immigrants. I would have guessed higher.

      3. equinoxio21

        Possibly 80% in some cases? There is a lot of hypocrisy on all sides: the mexican government has bee whining for decades about the lack of migration strategy from the US. But in fact, mexico has “exported” 20 million people over the last quarter of a century. People they could not feed. The migrants send back more money to Mexico than what oil brings in. So Mexico is exporting people. As a commodity. And the US accepts them as cheap labour. Who can be expelled at whim. So both governments “gain”. Sad.

      4. pseudonymous Post author

        You’re right it’s sad as hell. Thanks for your comments. I am sometimes amazed at how little americans know about mexico or the relationship we have with ya’ll and how much it has deteriorated in such a short time.

        I remember being asked 10 years ago on a greybound bus if I was a US citizen and they took a woman away in front of me who couldn’t speak english probably to be deported.

        I think a lot of people have lost sight of the fact that there is nothing wrong with being illegal especially when you look at the policies and their hypocrisy like you describe. And not to mention how all of us up here were migrants at one point in time as well. Blows my mind.

        Interestingly enough one of the education leaders here in CA (I forget her title) put a cap on illegal immigrant enrollment in school at 20%, a number which has risen in recent years (except this year ~40% less) because they say it takes away possibilities for the legal citizens. I guess I can understand that. There needs to be a better balance to our corrupted coexistence. What ICE and Trump is trying to do right now is the antithesis of that but what else can you expect from government?

  5. Zedd

    another elephant in Mexico.. massive USA-led drug war. meanwhile they are stepping back from their ‘WAR on weed’ 😦

    btw; Thx for the comments on my blog 🙂

    Zedd in NZ

  6. Tom Cordle

    I dealt with this matter of the wall with Mexico in my post One if by Land, Two if by Sea, the gist of which is that even if the wall worked (it won’t), there are other ways for the desperate will use to get to a place where they at least have some hope. My bottom line? Fools build walls; poets build bridges.


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