Blueprints for a dream catcher

I figured out
        why they made dream catchers
        with yarn
                                          while I was
                 pinch ‘n’ rolling my
     morning balls

          the daddy long leg
                       spun the web                      I slept
                                                             in the corner
                                                    below ‘er

where it caught the dead that flew confused
leaving the thin sail waving
with the embedded dead
all wrapped up soft
undulating thinly clinging to the tetrahedron
on walls with silk curves that hold

they think you’re
          just sitting there
                                and scary

                                                           O how little
                                                some trickle

the masks
on your back

precognitive dreams
           in an infinite
wave like soft flags
because of the embedded dead
left waving       thin                  you were doing something
                                               somewhere else
                                                we had something in common

                     precognitive dreams
                 in an infinite

                  spider webs                         undulate soft

12 thoughts on “Blueprints for a dream catcher

  1. jesh stg

    Hello – I scrolled through your blog, and your photos are poignant – hope you post more of them! You are too good of a blogger to be anonymous- more personable to have at least a screen name or make up name? Have a great weekend!

  2. Pablo Cuzco

    I sense a bit of William Burroughs’ cut and paste in this, as in others. One where you acknowledged the technique (I think it was about the recent Wikileak of US intelligence hacking tools), as well. I’ve done some of this in prose. It tends to make for what a reader once said: “That was surreal!” It’s a great style.


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