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Sacrificial barricades 

Loneliness is like
that soft squid 
you whisper
to yourself                               sonoonehearsit—

  it’s like knowing
  you’re falling
   off the face of the
  earth—                              straight up

                          rogue cosmonautlike

                         or a balloon popping—

you like the way it feels—

your lips bleed—

what are you going to do

              with this piece of dust
                                                      —you’re gone
   you’re not atomic—

                           what did you do

                           to get into this place—

He looked around and wondered the same

All footcrunched and timeponderin’

Sorta lookin’ all like a piece of mawed fools gold

it’s that depth that rings to a snap
on the finger of lists that waits
in frozen whistles the tunnels of tomorrow
ember in the toes that feel
for the gravity tonight it hums
between busted bent black shapes
it barricades the sacrifice at the stalk—