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Interstellar fuckface squad

-One of ’ems got
the numbers
put ’em down
scan their eyes
you gotta pry them
-we’re gonna
get inside
before they even know
the future’s fucking singing
you can’t hear it
they can’t either
I put my dead ear
to the dead earth
& I can hear it though
what’s up with that

I like using a smooth
piece of tan driftwood myself

“They had no use for us
after funneling our time back
into the lime green hourglass
stepping foot by foot into my eye
functions as a black hole
at certain times…”

“They aint too sure bout where
they be endin’ up on account all
o that—[spits]—I’ll be god damned
them sonsabitches stood right there
looked me dead in the eyes & said:

“Look at you!
Look at you
looking at me
looking at you!””

“I felt somethin’ that I aint
never felt before & reckon I’ll
never felt again forslong as I haunt
the singing song of graves by which
them devils escaped into me…”

Jim O’Gregory, 1754 AD


Bear feet

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the scorpions

I’m barefoot all the time

do the salamanders care

’cause I haven’t seen any

not the way I’ve seen the surface

of the sun on cold butter

what planet are you from

have you ever seen the grass seed

there’s something filtering the sky

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the eel slime

I’m barefoot all the time

so what do the squirrels think

drummin’ on pine trees

look a human in the window

it can do it too

go take a nap dude

whose bringing the cinnamon to the lake

what you’ve never seen a

yeah I want to dip my hands in honey

a gallon jar could go so far

but not if I was sharing

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the snakes

I’m barefoot all the time

I heard the beetles are coming

back & that it’s just begun

& then it will begin again… what then

have you ever seen a deer skull

crystallizing in a jar of amber serum

have you ever even thought in things

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the owls

I’m barefoot all the time

a buck charges the red fox out of nowhere

is where we’re all from but not going 

to the vista point balloon eyeballs bubbling

even though we already saw everything

forever & something kelpy was brewing up

from within us again we wanted it

like avocados—we wanted it like potatoes

—we wanted it like tomatoes—we wanted it

like jalapeños—yeah we craved it—no

we needed it but bumbled around like froth

tell me how easy do you think it is to inject a soul

have you ever played hopscotch

on your hands and knees have you

seen where these tunnels lead back to us

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the sharks

I’m barefoot all the time


No face no sky

I sat there
watching parts
of a ziricote dulcimer
fall out of your open chest
knocking on the wooden floor
like it was a newspaper
unfolding on the other side
of the breakfast table
what I couldn’t understand
were the strings
where they came from
why it seemed like
they wouldn’t ever stop
coming out but they had to
there had to be an end
to this where you pick it up
put it together
and play it for me
like it never even happened


How did I never realize it was a snake

Last night I was looking at some art
On instagram of all places, right, well
You’d be surprised what you can find
In even the most vacuous of dimensions 
Seeing circles inside of scales
Circles inside of scales of a snake
Hanging down above a mans forehead
Who was laying down with a river of tears
Getting wider down off the screen smiling
A hole in his forehead where the snake
With the circles inside of its scales
Dripped drops of water down into it
From its mouth—are you fucking serious
I murmured dumbfounded to myself
How did I never see this before

How did I never realize it was a snake