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Craterellus cornicopioides

I had a vision
while everyone
was sleeping
that I would find you
where the redwoods
met the madrones
I was to go there
six years ago
with my perforated
water bottle
two paper bags
and some grapes
I must have rolled
a joint ripped a tick
off taking a piss
the old Winchester shells
rusted relics
for tarantulas
the hours walking
down trails
through manzinita
tunnels sweating
in the light
in the shadows
of the giants
honing in
on the rise in
blood pressure
the spores
in the dirt
                  It was right when
I had decided to go home
that I looked down
deep in the woods
and saw the dusty
black brain
to be picked
before the years
of drought
that held them

The river

Cold tea
     crystal honey
            on the cabin’s sill
the atmospheric
         river pours
        the rivers
                           are rising
some are headed
                             for lower ground
six feet of snow
                            the avalanches
                                                        thundering down
deer scatter
their prints
                     zig zag
                                  by the rising
the neverending
                              river fed intravenous
from the skybled
                                              we wear
the slick clay
                                             of the land slipping
the wet
              roaring wind
                                      of time filtered
                up above
just sway withit
                        ‘n’ mosstoothed 

The seeking

               I heard this poem
        on the radio
           they were playing
                                              drum and bass
    the death was alive
and a sitar looped
in explanation
                                                        as the broadcast
              faded                                            into white
                                                                      off the hills
                                       something new
something different
                 a womans voice
                 a transaction
                 a program
                                                       to pay her rent
      and persuade us

I wanted the tabla
            copy and pasted
       over everything
                                                 the prison in Folsom
                                     folded up
like an origami guffaw
                  on the bronzegreen bridge
                                     far above the things
                                surfacing to scope
                                      the ample flakes of ash