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No power in the moon 


                                                  we could
                                                  the holes
                                                  spat out
                                                  of water
                                                  on its

                                                  you look good
                                                  looks like a wind
                                                  glowing down world.
                                                  She knows, cars,
                                                  she’s just passed

                                                  the tide of me


Output text

  An excuse

    fucking paste it

know it already happened

    they’re wrong—

we disintegrated off

Into a warm hella far away

with an arrow

with rings

with his light you got a sacred ritual
                                  with dirty toes

It changes

The window just to set

          we’d rather

unfold on the brink as a transdimensional rootkit all tangled

 Like lovers old reckon I’ll keep it out
                   dirty feet

              —right there waiting

for the eye

functions as a body came animate boiling just yesterday 

so meet in the day

Is curving


We made it never us
                                                  to the dead in these fluctuations 

“Seeing circles into me…”
“They had no us”

You’re more phonogrammed

                                    they shut it 

      up to us we didn’t believe them—

it could happen, no one listened, no one dark forest

    “You want to talk at you!”


You’re going



and foam burns

off cried like a symbol
  we gotta give

 It opens

Particles end

                  for us

We fucked me dead in

 But you bang its on

The rains come

 Is curving
                                inside of it

Who we are to their language

but I’ve got lost back home
           but the blink
     of sucking the glass dick
                                   we contact,

we made a plant

but I’ll keep it on the ocean


                          we had
   You need myself

How did I never believe through you

took off the brink


Why it wasn’t carrying our shoes

I’ll keep it never did

 Like love

with his other side

          in the cabin

“Look at you”



To know the toxic truth 

I need to show us as lab rats—

Who would see their hands as we jumped—

never know—

We were other

Retrace their home—

we tattooed ourselves—

we dead—

we tattooed a while surrounderstanding—

          chomple of the bus stop speakerbox

disconnect neon highlighter

We knew then as we pondered if it was the way—

the both right blue

                        that half the wall—

it didn’t need to spew lava

but you though

others corrupted up against my bare chest

it’s six

 peel your name


                                                         A girl lost the fire

burning glass

                                  the door open window with a mountain lion— we


in a different 

                                            that’s dead—

we cancer of highlights . .

Words that too will be



gently into nowhere

                                            dries up

everyone out

& do the sewer that no longer means—

we evaporated

while we rested—

We were back seat of the sat still—

Prefabricated to be made

she closes her pink tentacles coiling under the back

                                                      no one knows but could go

like misterioso being in the white hot metal

gently into their eyes and slaves—

we ride

she said Where to?

melting lost in the grimy gutter

into my voice

sawing carved notches 

her clit beneath the bed intravenously—

we wall—

we never keep inside 

this nothinner

like could have an arrow

with a flag pole

pink as a ponderosa

the boxes of my head looking for us—

They tricks on you


     they were once skin—

ever against my bare cruising 

under the wings of clay—

We forest— never to wear mask on the road

you thought refuge

under to see themselves tween

                                   I’m in half then as you

How many will be

vested in their frigid body

naked on the boys

to a memory


to the ride

 peel your river playing

our finger wait

at the cold

         the ground—

Nothing nowhere to?


The things I do

There’s a reason
why I make
my echinacea
& elderberry tea
after dark

The plants feel nice
inside me extracted
the honey of course
that’s a give in

The warmth is soothing
even in the summertime
it makes me want to
smoke more hash

But no it’s neither those
nor the taste
nor the ritual of making it
just right each time

It’s not even the subtle
apothecary & mushy berry smell
it wafts in my face as I play
strange tunes while I wait

I can use the cuff of my sleeve
from my hoody to suppress
the strings in these spots
make it cry like a broken sitar

So it isn’t that either
nor is it the way they strengthen
our defense against sickness
infection & fuckery
& since we’re running out
of things it could be
I’m sure you must be guessing

It’s a large blue mug
too big to be drinking
before going to sleep
which makes it the perfect size

I’ll wake up in the middle of the neon
night with the need to take the hugest
piss I’ll be god damn amazed by it all
but more importantly I’ll remember

The subtle details saturated
by the side effects of my redeye
where I was
what was happening
I would have forgot
all about what
that feels like

I’ll close my eyes & light
that little fire
I’ll taste it
melting into the bed
like marshmallow & leather
blueberries & pine


A reaction to a smile

I think it’s literally
laughable you want us all
to be afraid of some pudgy ass
little bitch in North Korea
way to take the focus off you
shine it right back in your
beadyeyed nonconductive face
shoot a firework off the coast
of the most densely populated
area in all of America how glorious
is our defense how insipid
they are for their near-famine
how about something that isn’t staged
for once are you even capable
of anything but a whirlwind
of death & lies duck & cover
when it comes it’s gonna sting
aren’t you mad & full of hate
I wouldn’t blame you at this point
if you knew exactly where to put it


Brown blood

the crickets bow their chitinsic desire
inbetween evading me the big huge beast
it all goes violet gray pink
quiet where the feet step around
the perimeter I’m listening
to the long gaps between everything
the distance between galaxies
folded over a few times in my back pocket
with a note on it scribbled & crossed off
the cat hides out under the old cabins deck
in the shadows match his fur
he looks at me
I don’t want to blow his cover
there’s this smell of feathers breaking down
as if they absorbed the very air
they suspended until releasing it back
into the dirt so it’s hard not to think
of all the primal similarities that ring
bells of hmmmms it’s the nitrogen
it’s never one thing it’s always
this entourage limited by the scope
of whatever channel you’ve tuned
your perception triangulates
vicinity by amplitude
the mortar & pestel carved out of marble
the pellets of manganese & sulfur ground
to a white powder with a bit of pink & toxicity
to help bring the iron down
that’s found it’s way into everything


Bear feet

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the scorpions

I’m barefoot all the time

do the salamanders care

’cause I haven’t seen any

not the way I’ve seen the surface

of the sun on cold butter

what planet are you from

have you ever seen the grass seed

there’s something filtering the sky

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the eel slime

I’m barefoot all the time

so what do the squirrels think

drummin’ on pine trees

look a human in the window

it can do it too

go take a nap dude

whose bringing the cinnamon to the lake

what you’ve never seen a

yeah I want to dip my hands in honey

a gallon jar could go so far

but not if I was sharing

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the snakes

I’m barefoot all the time

I heard the beetles are coming

back & that it’s just begun

& then it will begin again… what then

have you ever seen a deer skull

crystallizing in a jar of amber serum

have you ever even thought in things

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the owls

I’m barefoot all the time

a buck charges the red fox out of nowhere

is where we’re all from but not going 

to the vista point balloon eyeballs bubbling

even though we already saw everything

forever & something kelpy was brewing up

from within us again we wanted it

like avocados—we wanted it like potatoes

—we wanted it like tomatoes—we wanted it

like jalapeños—yeah we craved it—no

we needed it but bumbled around like froth

tell me how easy do you think it is to inject a soul

have you ever played hopscotch

on your hands and knees have you

seen where these tunnels lead back to us

I’m barefoot all the time

but what about the sharks

I’m barefoot all the time